Catchment Areas for Dublin Clubs


And I am asking, what are they doing about it?


John Costello is actively engaged with Trinity College metaphysics department in developing a chemical compound that will produce vast tracts of lush green space when triggered with plutonium.


They are going well in numbers as they are fielding teams. Their nursery is on a rugby pitch in Donnybrook. Great idea! Allows them to tap into a new area and increase participation.


Why are they approving the sale of valuable land near the inner city that is being used by two growing clubs?


Dolphin Park.


I don’t know but I bet there’s some quid pro quo going on


Yes most likely raising funds to invest in the new DCB sports facility in the Spawell or Terenure VEC. Unfortunately to the detriment of another club that uses it as their main ground for juveniles.


I very much doubt that


When he is finished with that worthy endeavour, he could lobby the government to arrange Enforced Purchasing Orders for land for pitches in the greater Dublin area. Given childhood obesity, early childhood addiction to technology etc, it would be hard for them to disagree. Links with schools and colleges could be explored. This is most relevant given that P.E. is coming as a leaving cert subject and many schools don’t have the facilities to offer it to students.


He may have the same initials as Jesus Christ … but he is only John Costello. Anyway … I blame the parents …


I hear ya! I’m serious though. Do we not need to do something?


We probably do indeed but it ain’t easy. You have the clamour for housing in one ear and the needs of youth in the other. There are luscious fields in North County Dublin - not many in the city. That said Ballyboughal didn’t have it easy to get sorted either I think but are now afaik.


Fair play to them. They have done great work and still doing it. I won’t begruge them. They have a huge area to pick from. It’s all about getting volunteers in.

I was involved in a match last year against kc. And they made and raised funds for one of our players. Who tragically passed away. No connections whatsoever. Unbelievable thing to do.


Plenty of luscious fields in North County Dublin. But spuds are priority!!


Some people think investing in the grass roots involves buying a farm in north county Dublin to ensure the grass roots in Croker are in good nick :roll_eyes:


They literally did buy a farm in the naul to produce the grass!


I know :weary: It was my attempt at sarcasm :nerd_face:


I know! I was just awake and not my usual self!


Speaking of catchment areas there was a spread in the herald last week about shankill gaa and their ever increasing numbers and also a few weeks ago about geraldine p morans. Those areas needed more clubs those Kilmacud and Cuala so its good to see that population base being tapped into. With the crazy price of land at the minute it may not be possible for new clubs to own their own land pieces exclusively so sharing with schools maybe what we will see more of in the future or more joint ventures. Ballybodens numbers are huge and fair play to them like crokes and Cuala. Splitting these super clubs into 2 new clubs based on their locations may be another alternative using the same facilities. It happens a lot in the likes of U.S and London where facilities and green space is a way bigger problem, it could have huge benefits here as regards getting the maximum playing numbers.


Plenty of space behind Vincents there in Marino institute if Boden or Crokes want to send a few lads up