Catchment Areas for Dublin Clubs


They are, O Connells School past pupils and St Josephs were East Wall/Sheriff Street I think


Used to drink in Noctor’s … :flushed:


Wasn’t there another inner city club Crinan Gaels? They were a juvenile club around late 90s. Played in Fairview Park


Didn’t last more than a year. Reffed them once or twice. Players were all but uncontrolable unfortunately


Remember my brother playing against them and they had a few wild characters


Played against joeys a few times. I have seen things on a pitch that iv never seen before. I never In my short period as a referee had to ref them. Luckily enough!


Played an underage championship game against them. Maybe around 98-00ish. Wild isn’t the word :joy:


Played a few times vs Joeys! Used to have end of season tournament with 3/4 u15s/16s teams involved. Wild & dangerous doesn’t come close to describing it. Literally chased out of Fairview Park after a couple of the games we won. Refs were scared s***less doing those games and I couldn’t blame them.


I was speaking to a Parent who has their child in the KC nursery. There are 150 kids in the 2011 age group. Fair play to KC, but this would indicate that their catchment area is too big.


There are the same number of kids in the 2010 and 2012 groups as well and that is without the club doing a hard sell around any of the local schools.


Not sure what they can do, turn kids away from the GAA? Olaf’s and John’s are within 2/3 miles.


Just turn away the weak ones


It’s a tough one alright. But from speaking to the coaches etc up there in the past they were concerned that the big numbers impact the quality of coaching. In fairness KC have obviously done a good job to get to that point and sending kids up the road to another club is not in the GAA DNA so it would require involvement of the DCB. Olaf’s and BSJ are doing ok for numbers too so not sure that would work better. The DCB should consider facilitating either a new juvenile club in Churchtown (there used to be a club called Dundrum/ Churchtown) or get Ranelagh Gaels to push up further in Clonskeagh etc. There is also an option of looking at the schools that the clubs are in, as ultimately the kids tend to play for the club that the coach goes into.


Elitism in the GAA? Surely that would go against the ethos of the GAA. Although that is effectively what happens over time when a club has big numbers in any sport. Except it happens through natural attrition.


Where would any new club get pitches? This is a big gap in GAA planning. We are great for stadia and local communities in rural areas always step up. However what about new clubs, especially in urban areas? What if they don’t just evolve? At the moment, we are expecting that GAA people will naturally come together, set up a club, and raise a fortune to get a pitch. What if that does not happen?


Can you outline the large parcels of land around Dublin that the GAA haven’t bothered buying? John Costello has constantly pointed out the stark issues here - not least in his last annual report. Have a read.


Ranelagh have actually started up their own nursery in last few years, I have no idea of numbers attending now.


The have 3 one 3 team group at U8, 9 & 10, so small enough numbers, but good progress all the same. Interestingly they play their home games in Donnybrook Rugby stadium.


Are you saying that all of the land in Dublin has been built on? Just because John agrees with me does not mean I am wrong!!


I’m saying that land in Dublin is at a premium and the DCB and Dublin clubs face massive challenges in this regard that are largely unique to Dublin.