Camogie 2018


What’s was wrong with one person doing the S and C?


What’s the rationale for that? Cost or consistency?


Imagine its consisrency.if all the squads from 14 up are doing S&C with the same instructors you can see how they are developing throygh the years .seems a good thing to me.


As sneakers said management team had agreed to a third term . The S&C link up was announced to include seniors and then unfortunately, the management walk . Dublin need every single player who is good enough to make themselves available . You’ve Aisling Maher and Ellen McGovern back this year and now others are not making themselves available . Totally frustrating .


Agree the joys of management.if you get a group from underage to come through with a bond you have a chance of creating something.that will last.


No Orla Beagan , Hannah Hegarty , Doireann Mullaney or Catherine Costelloe along with Eimear McCarthy . Some premier juniors promoted . Kerri Finnegan and Jess McClelland are good young additions however the loss of the first 5 names will really hinder any progress imo


Is Hannah Hegarty playing football?


Quite possibly, great all rounder . Massive loss for camogie team .


Unusual for the county champions only to have one representative



No niamh gannon(unless she joins after minor championship)also is jess mc clenand not a minor?


Anyone at the game yesterday that xan give a report.seems good first half with a utter collapse in the 2nd half.