Camogie 2018


I see there’s some Camogie Dubstars games over Christmas but can’t seem to find an actual team or list of award winners ? Anyone got the lists or is it a secret ???


Teams not announced yet.believe girls who were with premier juniors have to play with them in dub star game.trials not long finished and they have a training panel for now.actual panel should be announced in the new year.14s this year were a very good crop losing out to wexford in the national blitz final having beaten tipp cork and kilkenny to reach the final for the first time.16s were shocking on the day v galway in the semi finals.good work going on and hopefully one group xan breakthrough and win something.


Dub star teams announced.but no dub team as yet.


Didn’t get across today as I over done the Stephens Day blowout !! Good to see Aisling Maher back for the Dubs although no team list seemed to be available which is very strange as the other three teams playing had teamlists. Followed on the twitter machine , I’m sure an oul match report will come out though and give us some sort of clue as to the identity of any new faces .


1.faye ncarty
2.muirean keliher
3.eve o brien
4.orla grey
5.martha o donoghue
6.grainne quinn
7.rousin o grady
8.ali twomey
9.caithe dillon
10.ellen mcgovern
11.alex griffin
12.emma flanagan
13.alux buckley
14.ashling maher
15.evelyn twomey
16.mary cronin
17.emma geey
18.jessi mc clelland
19.ciara carolan.
Thats the squad that played yesterday.will have their work cut out .alot of blue stars are on the training panel.


I suppose from the blue stars you’d add probably maybe another 8 or so. A lot of the premier junior girls involved and very few would be up to the pace of senior imo. Also a good few names missing , hopefully they’re away and will be involved .
One thing that really strikes me as odd is that for the last number of managements there has been no selector who has come through from the minor or u16 set ups. Surely with the amount of teams we put through year on year there has to be some good lads who know the club scene and know the underage players well. There should be a guy/girl like that involved . Who’s feeding in the knowledge of the club scene? Probably same people from the executive over and over again who are way off the mark imo. Think 2019 will be a tough year .


Philly Mc Mahon


Well john o connell from lucan has been brought in(not a dublin under age manager)but would know the 16s and minors of the last few years very well.probably why he was asked on board.alot of girls I believe are taking a year out so could be a year for new management to get to know the girls there and shape a new squad.


Good to see someone on the ground involved. If what your saying is true with girls traveling we could struggle badly . We’ll see soon enough as league isn’t too far away now .


Can see them struggling this year unless some girls change their minds.also laura quinn who played for dub stars yesterday has chosen ro play minor football this year.patience will have to be shown to the new management.getting to the l1/4 finals will be a big ask


Bringing a group like last years 14s through to minor is key for me.kks current seniors won 16s and minor and that group broyght them back from the wilderness.dublin need to find a underage group to do the same and add a few experience players to the group.then dublin will have a platform and a team girls will.look up to.


And probably better off just picking players who play 1 code.


Maybe but its always the good ones who are good at both.alot of the girls are better at camogie but the lure and glamour of football pulls them to footballl.camogie like hurling with the boys needs a twam to break through and win something.


Couldn’t agree with you more . For all the teams we have and the amount of players we have we should be winning more at underage . Kk , Cork and Galway consistently sharing All Ireland’s at 16s and Minor. Galway and Cork have same issues with us in relation to football , and still thrive. If you want my really honest opinion we will appoint any Tom Dick or Harry as managers for our underage teams as long as they have a cert of some sort ,and then readvertise the position every year, Galway and Cork have particular managements who look after certain age groups and start again after their 2/3/4 year term is over , and they get massive success . Need to ask the questions why so many good coaches and managers involved with Dublin over the last few years are no longer about . From what I hear on the ground there’s a bit of a stir gathering from clubs in relation to the county board …


Well I’ve heard there’s a lot of disappointment with the way last years senior management were allowed to leave.


Yes , and rightly so . Probably best manager county has had in a long time.


Dont know anything about the politics of camogie.but each manager has a group under whatever age and has the chance to take them any county getting the right managers in place that know all the players at their age is key.that with good coaching and a drive to succeed is key.have seen sll age groups from 16s down to 13s.good talent their with 14s very good.


Last years mgt were never going to stay. Very disappointed how they got hammered in their last match. Also, they want to train senior intercounty so kildare is a stepping stone to that.


I know for a fact that you are wrong. The projected 2019 management team met in Croker the day of the All Ireland camogie final last year. The new skills coach was to be a man who is now with the hurlers. The reason for the departure was that the county board wanted one business doing strength and conditioning with all teams


County board are part of the team.everyone must pull together if you want to succeed.kilkenny hurlers kerry footballers dublin footballers no problem with the county boards and success followed.good boards good managers and good development squads put in place.