Camogie 2018


Galway much better team, girls under performed big time and would be very disappointed tonight.
Still, another good year, think they’d lost 7-9 players from last years panel, with a lot of young players coming through, which gives them something to build on for next year.Good work being done by Herity & Co.


That’s the problem, losing up to 9 player’s is hard to take. What’s to say they dont lose 9 next year? Need the group to commit as whole for a 3 to 5 year period. Out of interest, out of last year’s first 15 Who played Galway in 2017 semi final , how many were missing yesterday ?


Why did so many leave?


Being generous there…4 points in an hour is shocking. 2 points in each half. Nothing from play in first half. You shouldn’t see that at any level, regardless of opposition.
If they lost 9 last year, hard to see that drain not continue with days like that.
Any reason the 9 left?


From what I have heard most of those who left had been older players.


Dublin really need Aisling Maher back by the looks of it.


They seem to be putting in more of an effort last 3 -4 years. For years they were shocking, just out for a good time and not committed to the team. Hopefully they can regroup. Hard to see the current mgt staying on.


Best of luck to the Dublin juniors today , particularly to Deirdre Johnstone centre back today who taught my daughter last year. If she can cope with that 9 year old wagon the Kerry forward today should be a piece of cake.



Best of luck to the dubs!


Convincing win!


Yeah delighted,Deirdre was very disappointed after last years final ( lost to West Meath).


Intermediate match ruined by a whistle-happy ass hole of a referee.


or because cork won


I put the message up just after the incorrect sending off, way before the end. I have no clue who you are but for the record, I’m in no way anti Cork.


Another wrong decision. No penalty.


wouldnt think so took the player cleanly out without thr ball


Nip and tuck so far, ref is fairly fussy. Suppose cork will be happier having played into the breeze.


Terrible second half, 1 score each after 10 minutes.


Picked up a bit just after that. Exciting finish, kilkenny seem to have invented puke camogie. Cork win by one.


The back took the ball out first! Did you not see that? None of the panel thought it was s penalty and neither did the commentators.