I came here but now I’m going to Möseley over there. This is the würst pun thread I’ve ever seen.


DFB Pokal : Bremen leading Wormatia Worms 5-1 at the half.


Bait them 6-1 in the end.


Great comeback


Bayern Munich only beat Drochtersen / Assel 1-0


Cup holders Eintracht Frankfurt dumped out by lowly Ulm. The only way to say that name is like a surprised Scooby Doo


Yer on fire today


I’m shocked at that.


Finally a big score Gladbach beat Hastedt 11-1.


1-1 in the 78th minute too.


post ???


They hit the post??


I’m not sure what you are talking about?


Borussia Munchen’s Glad Backs and Hastedt’s not so glad backs.


Was Borrusiamoenchengladbach’s most unpopular fan at it?
The guy who starts the chant “give us a B…”


Ha! That’s like the story of the white English guy and the black Jamaican guy in the public toilets in Jamaica, the Brit is comparing the tattoos on their nobs, they both say “Wendy”, and he asks the Jamaican guy is his girlfriend’s name Wendy too.

Answers on a (very wide) postcard…