Build up to the do you do yours?


Last cpl years have been able to swap my stand tickets for hill , usually head into handball alley before game , but this meant going into game about an hour before thrown in to make sure got any semblence of a decent spot .This year going to keep stand and mossie up to seat as they are throwing ball in !!!


Hello…is this the emergency services?

I just saw an alarm clock with some wires coming out of it.

Sure, the name of the cafe is…

(Well, all’s fair in love and war…!)


:joy:, there’s a sound lass in there , i think she’s the bar manager , and is from Mayo . I’ve felt for her the last couple of years . But she’s been nothing but nice over the years despite having to serve pissed up Dubs after our wins over them :joy:


Well if you ring in and call the Brian Boru a cafe, they’ll know you’re taking the piss.


Fair point. It got lost. And therein lies a lesson. It’s first year of service was 95, lost it after the final that year, found it years later in a cupboard or somewhere, only remembered to bring it on the day of the 2011 semifinal… :thinking: Decided to only bring it to finals after that


Everyone here talking about their build up as if it starts the morning of, or the night before the game. My build up has started already.

I’ve stopped talking to all bar a small number of people about the game itself because the culchies talking about it being a procession and the big bad Dubs ruining the game etc. And quite frankly I’m too edgy this week to listen to the others (dubs included) who know little or nothing about the game become a beacon of knowledge as the final draws closer. So talking about the game itself only happens with a few people

I always try fill every hour of the waking day in the week leading up to the final, because if I don’t my mind will always wander to places where we lose or some scenario occurs that is nearly impossible. During the days that’s easy enough though the day definitely drags. In the evenings I do anything I can to keep busy, preferably not related to the GAA (though this week hasn’t started well with me here on this site all evening).

The last few years the Saturday has actually been Ok because there’s been club fixtures on the evening before. So that’ll pass the Saturday evening. Saturday during the day I try do something completely unrelated to the GAA to occupy my mind.

The day of the game itself I try act like its any other game (following the process and all that…) but it’s always a very long morning, and I get more and more nervous as the day goes on. I find the gap between the minor game and the 2 teams coming out to warm up excruciating. It is impossible to fill that time in and that’s when the last bout of nerves hit.

Bring on 3 30 on Sunday I say


Haven’t been nervous since '11 . That win certainly took the edge off. Hopefully you’ll be a relieved man at the end of the game & can enjoy it !


Build-up going well so far. Arrived home on Sunday night, enjoyed the bits about the final in the airport, picked up a paper straight away and read a bit about it.
Wandered around today, taking in the flags and streamers on houses and other places. Chatted to anyone and everyone about it, in buses, in shops etc. Read more articles, had a beer, met some pals tonight, a few beers and talked all about it.
Going to savour every single moment of each day.


You are dead right. I was back home for '16 and '17. It was great because you almost feel like a tourist!! Looking at bunting and flags with a glow in your heart. Walking around town like a dope gawping at all the Dubs gear and taking in the buzz. Dropping into pubs you haven’t been in since Adam was a boy and running into a bit of banter about the match. It’s a wonderful week to be home, eating it all up. Enjoy it like you should. The Boys will do the business.


My build up this year is pretty much like all recent years , total panic and frantically scrabbling around to try to get tickets for my gang at home.
My other half is fairly certain of 1 through our club but after that it’s beg and hope for the best for the rest of us. Sometimes we have managed tickets at the last minute, other years we have had to stay home .
Unfortunately my kid’s ages and big interest in the Dubs coincided with their popularity and we are on waiting lists for Parnell Passes and Season tickets
Still living in hope of pulling the rabbit out of the hat by Sunday but trying to enjoy the build up anyway :wink:


Cheers pal, I certainly will, I’ve been anticipating it for long enough and going through the sweats of hoping and praying we didn’t slip up along the way. As you say, a great week to be here and off work. And the possible chance to see our lads make huge history if they pull it off.


We’re opposites so! 2011 my least nervous and 2017 my most nervous!!


The nervosity has changed year on year for me. From will Kerry batter us and what hope we really finally beat them in 11, to flat form and seeing it taken away in 12, though hope of redemption relict til the disappointment of Berno’s miss. To the loss of Giller, and the unknown of Gavin in 13, the new players and risky style of football, the terror of Jerry’s early goals and their thirst for revenge in the semi, and then the huge bandwagon with Mayo, the belief that it was their turn, the sight of half the Hill being red and then the rest, them making such a good start, the threat of the O’Sheas, and then Moran’s goal at such a vital stage. Hanging on at the end when we should have been home.
Going back to 11 for a minute, I told only one mate and my brother that I believed we would go on to do 3-in-a-row after. The fact we managed it 5 years later would not have been in any way credible at the time.

14 was just weird, all year I wasn’t nervous at all, very unusual for me, and Monaghan’s collapse after 25 mins in the Qtr had me convinced we would take Donegal. The rest is history, shock and awe and fear we’d never see this team do back to back, let alone a 3-timer or live up to David Hickey’s incredibly bold comment to Brolly after 2013. Kerry winning that final only added to it.
15 was fear of not being able to regain the high ground, of how we’d handle the new style of play, then confidence as we dominated against Mayo, then shock as it was nearly robbed away, then fear of expecting a huge Mayo performance in the replay, and ROC’s injury, fear that AOS was finally going to run amok or get a goal to turn the tide, then fear and doubt as we went a few points down, to awe and ecstacy of the last 15 minutes.

The final that year was purely the fear that it was Kerry, who were champions, and that we might blow it, especially as we dominated but couldn’t kill them off.
In 16 I was very anxious about Rory and Jack gone, got a bit confident as we started so well Vs Kerry but that collapsed with the 10 minute meltdown, the subsequent comeback is one of the greatest achievements of the whole era. But Mayo were back again and every time it just got more and more terrifying that this had to finally somehow be their year. And then we didnt show up the first day which made me mad and fearful for the second day and then we just couldn’t shake them off.
17 was the pressure of so badly wanting to see us not blow the chance to make it 3, the loss of Diarmo, then Jack, and the game so like the 16 replay except even more nervewracking as Mayo threatened to take control at times. The possession holding as injury time lasted forever was just heart-attack stuff. This year it has been about fear we wouldn’t make the final as I was coming home. Now it’s just fear we might get mugged, and not reach that place of actual real comparison with that Kerry team.


You do realise that if we…gulp…lose on Sunday, you can never come home for a final ever again, or attend a final ever again, as you’re bad luck? :crazy_face:


My week has been long already! The nervous wait to see if I get a ticket either through my club or ref’s board is the worse. Plus my 12 year old wants to go so I am actually on the hunt for 2 tickets. I am busy all this week in the evenings with reffing and the kids matches that I won’t have time to even think about the game. Saturday before the game I’ll watch up for the match with a few beers. Sunday have the big fry and meet the brother in town for a few pre-match pints (we’ll be going in to look for tickets if we don’t have any).


I would hit the road before 9am and get to my mates apartment for about eleven. He won’t be there, as he has his own routine finals morning, so I’ll head off for a full Irish and try to stop the nerves. We’ll head into meaghers then before the match and chill a bit, last few years I have had stand tickets which I would organise to swap for a hill on the day, so get that sorted and then we’d would head in to get our spot and watch most of the minor. Back to meaghers afterwards and be amazed at the state the toilets get into and then to Chaplin’s to watch the Sunday game. We were very civilized last year and got the last bus back after the Sunday game.

Next day we’d watch the match and then I’d wander around town, the are always ex players floating around the Fleet Street or capel Street bars but I wouldn’t now hang around for the homecoming as it would mean not being home till nearly 11.


It’s OK, I’ve covered that by having The Lucky Flag away with me and back here now.