Build up to the do you do yours?


Wake up early …like 10 minutes after I fell asleep.pint of milk for the auld lining of the stomach.Into Latin mass in the pro cathedral…next door to place my first goalscorer bet.Parnell st for d minors on tv and no more than 6 pints before the game .All the time thinking about my father (that gets a prayer in dgarden of rememberance) and all d former managers and helpers in d parish that have given me a platform in life that I now gladly pass on


Was in the shop earlier and saw a poster for a Tyrone CD. For a tenner.

Fair play to whoever makes the effort of putting these songs together.

Although they’re usually about bringing Sam home and Mickey’s heroes.

All in good spirit…


The atmosphere here is still strangely subdued.

Not close to the hype from last decade.

Less flags…and not as much talk.

My wife showed me a clip of Club Tyrone on Facebook encouraging people to show their colours.

I think it’s partly because the expectation has been lowered with pundits and bookies predicting a Tyrone loss. And maybe some afans didn’t expect to be in an AI final, esp after Monaghan.

I think a win over Mayo or Kerry would’ve lifted the side a lot more. Or maybe that’s just self-doubt creeping in.


Scars from last year I’d say . If its any consolation have a wee dream about what we did to Kerry in '11 after they mauled us in '09.
Its the hope that kills ya :wink::laughing:


You must be cutting down @Dub051 , you’d no more than 10 pints two years ago, ya must be fairly confident :joy:


Four I’d say!! Easy enough clip four in an hour when you’re young. And a shot or two to boot if you were pushed. Drinking was always pure mad. “How yis weren’t killed”… As many a good mother lamented.
2017 final. After the major fry up prepared by the visiting chef the brother and I were the first two at the bar in the Autobahn. Next man in? John Mc Carthy. We laughed our bollox off for an hour and a bit and three pints and off with us to Croker. Macker fcuked off in Drumcondra and the brother and I repaired to Mc Graths. Jammed. In the side door. Two minutes of conviviality and two creamy pints were ours. It was a beautiful afternoon so we went outside to smoke fags and wallow in the atmosphere. What an atmosphere. Mayo men and women. Dublin men and women. People from all over the Island and the World. The most wonderful of occasions. The slagging was priceless and wonderfully good humoured.
Separate ways then. He to the Cusack and me off to the Davin for the first time. I had stood right behind the goal in '74 but there were no seats back then.
Unbelieveable seat! Right behind the goal towards the left upright. Dean’s kick sailed right towards me. I knew it was good as soon as he kicked it. Yet never noticed the GPS yoke.
Back then to Fagan’s where we ran into a multitude of old farts like ourselves. Many of whom had traveled from Trumpyland . Hadn’t seen each other in donkeys. There was a massive buzz.
All back to the Auto then and late days. Fair play to Mick. Cocktail sausages, chicken wings and fingers and jockey’s whips appeared…Watched the Sunday Game with full volume. Then the Match went on again. It was late in the second half the second time when I went home a happy man.
Enjoy them while you have them. Up the Dubs.


Funny you say that.

I was thinking the exact same about how Dub fans must’ve felt before 11.

The defeat in 09 must’ve led to some doubt

I remember ones here saying how important it was to beat Tyrone on the way there. It showed that the team could win big games.

That’s why I was thinking a win over Mayo would’ve been a great test.


The part I find hard to believe is that you got free food from Mick in the autobahn, did you check your wallet when you got home?


Can I nominate @daddyo as my official match day and papal visit biographer from now on?

He describes the day so much better than I can.


I walk down the Finglas road and meet my friend at Cross Guns. We continue down the canal, and I buy a large flag from the big fellow ‘hats scarves or flags’ at Binns Bridge. My mate has usually kept his flag from the previous year, miserable fcuker …if you are reading this Mick, I’m only joking!
2011 was different, I got on the 40 bus feeling very apprehensive and I remember chatting to a woman who was convinced we were going to win. Sitting in the Cusack as it started to rain and Tipperary snatched the minor from us I was feeling more miserable than Morrisey at his most morose. A couple of hours later though…


Applegreens is an unlikely place for a build up.

But lots of fans stop there for a pit stop.

And it’s amazing the people you bump into that you haven’t saw in years.

Last year we met an old class mate, and he was nervously optimistic about the semi. Say no more…


When living in Kildare , used to always head home & meet the brother in Tom Mayes before games . Had to meet there , no other pub ! Loved the old Guinness sign above it

All changed though when i met the wife . Been going to Hedigans since about 2010 before games . Breakfast roll before heading in .Make sure the wife wears her lucky ring , odd looking thing but we’ve not lost a final yet since she’s worn it . Back to hedigans after the match for a few . Then home for a take away & re watch the match again .


Super pub is Tom Mayes - Love the crack before a match - barman sound and always tickets floating around in there.


Yeah its a grand spot . I think the owner might have been from Roscommon . They used to hold Roscommon Supporters Club meetings upstairs,used to bring the old man when he wasn’t physically able to make it up the stairs .
The meetings would get very vocal at times , they were a passionate crowd :joy:


Depends who wins


Well the flag I bring to the biggest games, or last year watching on TV here is at least 23 years old and has never been to a losing semifinal or final. So why would I change?


Ya fucker, why did you stop bringing it to semis between 95-11, the years of hurt you could’ve saved us.


The last 2 years I’ve been going the Brian boru before the game for the carvery and a few pints, watch the minor game and then head down, will have to keep that going next sunday, don’t want to jinx it.


Note to self: create a hoax security alert next week at Brian Boru to break the jinx.


Don’t you dare !!!