Build up to the do you do yours?


If it does, probably over half the panel , if not more , over the years are ruled out…


Love hearing the experiences of those abroad! I’ve spent time living abroad myself, in all parts of the world, it is amazing how a GAA jersey, no matter the club or county, can bring you together and make instant friends! Whether be it for 70 mins or a lifetime! Met a Cork lad in a bar in NYC one year, watched the hurling all ireland together… still in touch on a regular basis


They have disappeared up their own arse , good luck playing that album live !!!


Was in Madrid on a Stag for the 16 replay v Mayo. Watched in the James Joyce with a handful of the lads I was with (one of which lives in Madrid). The place was absolutely Heaving. Literally could not get to the bar. (I had maybe 2 pints from start to finish). 90% of the pub were non dubs and my Friend who lives in Madrid knew a lot of the punters… he’s from Longford, he’s from Tipp etc… all of these lads ferociously supporting Mayo!
Will never forget Dermos penalty hitting the net and the relief of the final whistle. Fought my way to the exit for some air post match and onto the Madrid streets. I just wanted to be in Dublin that night.


I was in there…I think I remember a dub walking in looking lost…must have been you :wink:


Will let you know how it goes in the 2.3 arena in a couple of weeks time


If this isn’t another omen…I don’t know what is!


Terrible thing to say Christy…




Mods…get your finger out and remove this fake news.

What CR really said was…‘this jersey must’ve come from a from a similar good-looking young man (me), and up the red hands’.


So true.

Passed a few houses with Tyrone and Dublin flags. Even a car.

Must post them up…(if I’m not arrested for taking photos).

And only learned one of the coaches wife is a dub. What marriage vows did they make?


Tyrone would probably play him as a sweeper


Got to admit that was witty…





Back of the net.

(Which is pretty good going for a sweeper.)


You passed a house with a car??? No way!!!


The sweeper role is getting an awful kicking here - Ronaldo would be much more of a Libero, a la Beckenbauer. Except much more of a greedy b*stard.


Brilliant … :clap: :clap: :clap:


A caravan


And not a J Deere, Massie or Davy Browne in sight !



A very, very, very rich greedy b*stard.

Not that I’m jealous or anything.