Build up to the do you do yours?


Brilliant @bigp made my night reading that, and the fact you made the big girls blouse @ProudDub cry :sob::sob:


I remember reading a post on the rte site the day after the 2011 final. It was from a Dublin fan working in the South China Sea or somewhere like that on a rig . The poor sod was delighted with the result but had no one to celebrate it with. Felt for him . Up the dubs .


Was at every game in the run up to 1995 final, but missed the final as I was interrailing and got my dates wrong. Thought I was coming home the day before the final, but final was a week earlier than I thought, so was in Berlin the day of the final. Couldn’t find anywhere showing the game so phoned home to get the result.
Got married in Aug 2011, so was on honeymoon for Donegal semi final. Still saw it though, in Barcelona. Was still playing with Towers junior team then and was a selector on first team, so got 2 final tickets from club. Big decision, do I bring my new (Japanese) wife, or my brother or sister, who had been to all previous games with me. Towers ended up getting an additional allocation on the Friday before the game, so I got another 2 tickets and all 4 of us got to go! Happy Days!


What did Mrs Towers _Abu make of it all?


That was the second time she had seen me cry, the first was our wedding day the previous month. Met 2 other Towers clubmates at the back of the stand after the presentation, and no words were spoken. Just plenty of man hugs and rubbing of eyes.
She enjoyed the game and the whole experience of final day, but wasn’t expecting the amount of emotion expressed by Dublin fans after finally getting over the line!


So she saw you cry twice in two months. The second time with sheer happiness.


No comment! :sunglasses:


Definitely just something in me eye :cry:

Post A-I Final was always Meaghers (Meegers as the missus insists on calling it) straight after the match. I think it was the spot for the team post match back in the 70’s. In recent years it’s been in to Mulligan’s that evening to meet up with mates before wandering off our separate ways into the night with that indescribable feeling of contentment that Sam will be well looked-after for the next 12 months.




S’funny the things that stick in your mind from all those years (and trophies, Jesus, the trophies) ago…

I remember a lovely post that morning, from @MarysMan about his young fella. He had just received a clean bill of health from the doctor, and proved it by taking a massive dump on the examining table. Cue Dad being relaxed enough to enjoy the big day. Put it all in perspective though.

Later that night, someone posted here “I am drinking champagne in Fairview Park” and nothing else. The perfect succinctness of it always stuck in my head.

And fry up brekkies before heading off out for the day. All the talk of dirty, great big fries made me sick to my stomach. Crippled with the nerves so I was. Couldn’t eat a thing.


Build up is starting now for me. I tend to do a lot of walks in the evening, pondering the match a bit. I don’t really engage in much build up conversation with non dubs and only a do a bit with real dubs.

But i enjoy the excitement of the few days before the game, the distraction of trying to source a ticket and a few pints in the club. On the day itself, I’m very nervous and only stick to close aquaintances in Dublin Pubs and stay well away from opposition supporters for the whole day.

Had one blip last year when the plan organised was to meet someone in the Big Tree a few hours after the game for one. Stepped inside and the whole place was Mayo supporters drowning their sorrows as best as they can. I went to the jacks and there were folks crying. i had a lot of sympathy at the time and we quickly deserted the place, to celebrate victory in a Dublin pub!!.


I have a mate (not Hefti for those of you that know me and who I go to games with) who has a tradition on the morning of the final of getting a jant off the missus for good luck and then if they win another celebratory one that night :joy::joy::joy::joy:


Your missus or his missus? :thinking:


His, I assume, I must get clarity on that!


Yeah, I would if I were you.

(Or your missus)


Well, he told me that last year on the Monday outside the Boars head after a few pints saying that she broke the tradition with the celebratory one the night before because he was too pissed, so Im pretty sure he meant his missus


Good. Clarity is always key in situations like this. :laughing:


Did you not step up?! Jesus you’re some mate …


Gooch’s hair got a bit less red when he got older.


Non Dubs, Real Dubs, Dublin Pubs…
One of the main reasons I love and follow this sport above all others is it’s unique ability for all fans to mix together before, during, and after each game.
Certainly sets us apart from soccer fans, here or in most countries.
The result going to plan, i’d hope and expect decent Tyrone supporters and neutrals to congratulate us on another fine achievement.
Equally, if we are unexpectedly beaten, I will tip my hat to them on their win.
Would love to hear the definition of a Real Dub. Would cultchie parents/grandparents rule someone out?