Build up to the do you do yours?


Any chance they left their tickets with you? :wink:


Speaking of pubs… I would usually drink in Mcgraths, but with their situation I might head off early after the game, where would be decent all ireland night for a couple of pints of stout and a bit of music, Drumcondra Town area.


The Boars Head. Stay there long enough & the lads & Sam will rock in at around 7 for their brekkie. :fried_egg: :bacon: :coffee:


Been boars head day after alright, good craic, I assume it’s wedged night of the all Ireland?


Yep. It’s also where the Sunday Game pundits go for their end of season pints.

You can wander up to Tomas O’Se, buy him a pint and oh so innocently ask him on a scale of 1-10, how much did it suck to have to choose between Dublin or Tie-rone winning Sam. :angel:


Great question - would be interesting to hear what people do post game as much as pre game. 11pm closing time on Sunday nights make it difficult to fully enjoy I find.

Win or lose - we tend to drink in Drumcondra, rewatch the match in the pub then watch some analysis on the Sunday Game in the pub too… before you know it the night is finished.


Looking at the craic out in City West last night, or over in the Burlington in years past, it’s a shame that heading to the Dubs team hotel isn’t an option. It’s great that we have an official hotel sponsor and they are providing a service to the DCB and whatnot. But AI final night at the winning teams hotel is a glorious tradition. It is a time for the spectators and team to come together to celebrate, after a long, hard year. It’s a shame that you can’t even get in the door of the Gibson unless you are actually staying there, or you are very well connected.


The County Board used to sell tickets to the banquet but they stopped that after 2011, not sure what happened to prompt that. Maybe the players just wanted to be together with their families etc.

I actually had a hotel room booked in the Gibson a few years ago but cancelled it before the final. The banquet is on it’s own separate floor and access to it was restricted by wristband (if you look at the pics from the Gibson, you’ll see the lads wearing the wristbands). Wasn’t keen on being in the Gibson but a floor or two below where the party was without being able to join in!


They did a similar arrangement for 2013 in the Gibson. They had two rooms in use, one for the team banquet and the other for the fans (who had paid for an event ticket). We were (understandably) kept apart until after the live Sunday Game transmission had concluded. However once that was finished both groups mixed freely.

While it was great to mix with them and we were made feel welcome, the event is more for family, friends & sponsors. They were all suited and done up while we were in jeans, beer stained jerseys and half pissed. In truth it was a bit like gate-crashing the afters of a wedding.

Having also been to the Burlo in 2011, we thought 2013 was much more formal and have done our own thing since.


Had tickets that the DCB sold for the 2013 festivities. Entry to the room where the banquet was held (it wasn’t a room as such, it was the main bar/restaurant area of the main floor of the hotel) was strictly by wrist band only. Only the players, backroom team, their families etc etc had them. If you didn’t have one, you didn’t get in. And that is fair enough. The players should be left in peace, if that is what they want. The DCB wrist band got you into the front door and to the area around the main reception desk and a function room over on the other side of the hotel, with big tellys set up and a few sofas scattered around. You could watch Up For The Match there if you wanted. It was all a bit souless, so we scarpered. The hotel is just too small to allow for large numbers of people congregating in it, so for the past years, you don’t even get in the front door at all unless you are an offical part of the set up. It’s all a bit cold imo. The craic on the telly out in City West looks savage. Even if you can’t get into the ballroom itself, there are bars and restaurants and reception areas that people can meet up in and swap stories in and whatnot. With the Gibson, you just can’t do that. Add in that its in a rather grim part of the city and it doesn’t help.


That’s why they have a homecoming the next day…


I was going to book a hotel room this year, but I’m such a light weight these day I’ll probably be in bed by 9 anyway.


Jesus it says a lot about where we are that some lads have “routines” for All Ireland final morning! Long may it last.


Two uses of the word whatnot in two posts, getting too high brow in here.

2011 post match celebrations in the Burlo out in Skerries harps and Merrion Square were great craic. Since then the move to Gibson and Smithfield has been a lot more organised and orderly.

Wonder does the secret cabal be involved in a subcommittee of the county board to organise these things.

Was at the 1994 post match in Burlo and it was like a morgue until Johnny Barr starting singing and fell over, that was the highlight of the day unfortunately.

Think most would prefer more wha the … rather than whatnot. The madness/desperation/joy is not the same when going for 4 in a row. Still a great feeling and a golden era for Dublin football but hard to recreate the madness of a long gap without a win. Whatnot


Listen pal…what do you have against the humble Whatnot?


Where else is yer granny supposed to keep all her bits?

(Or All Ireland medals, awards, AI final Man of The Match vases, All Star Awards etc etc if your grandson is Brian Fenton.)


Well slap my thigh everyday is a school day I never knew granny’s good china was on a whatnot we used to be shouted at be careful of the yokeymabob …

I see use of the whatnot phrase was most in vogue in the 1940’s, Showin yer age ProudDub…:rofl:

Jaysus when is the final .


Been away since 87, and with no internet etc it was hard to keep up, but I remember the early 90’s ringing home to get the results, funny enough it was the loss to Meath that made my heart sink more than the All Ireland final losses. In 95 I managed to get long wave coverage on the radio, but just as the commentator said Tyrone had levelled it, the radio cut out, I was convinced it was a draw, the radio came back just as we were getting the cup, it was a brilliant moment, but yet one of the loneliest moments I have had since I left the fair city, nobody to celebrate with just me, and two toddlers and my Catalan wife who thought I was mad listening to a radio with no reception.
In 2011 the daughters had grown and were by then Dubs supporters and we took the risk of booking flights home without a guarantee of tickets, fortunately some folks on here duly obliged and we got sorted. Arriving in Dublin we took the bus into town and what hit me most was how things had changed since the 83 final, massive big images of Berno and the Gooch, elaborate posters etc…The final in Croker was more like a champions league final than the simple event in 83, but it was an unbelievable experience, since then I have not been home for one, but having been there in 2011 defo has softened the blow, also now being able to watch finals, chat during the game to friends back home etc makes it a lot easier.


Lovely read @bigp - and you defo picked the right one to come home for. They are all special but 2011 is the one to take to the grave … and the Gravediggers!


Is someone chopping onions in here?


Yeah the selfish fuckers. I didn’t even know I still had tear ducts. Even Rico’s posts don’t make this emotional.