Build up to the do you do yours?


He’s at it again Mildred… :roll_eyes:

Proud Dub, Why do you Build Me Up, Buttercup, and then you let me down, and mess me around?

This is of course not my usual build-up. Last year, over here, I had to hunt for a place just to watch the game. There’s quite a few Irish pubs but the game being on at 3.30am and the pubs all being run by culchies did not allow much scope. The semifinal hadn’t been on anywhere.
Eventually there was confirmation that two pubs would show the final but then one of them got flooded in a storm so that left just the one. It was a Monday morning over here so no late buses or trains and I couldn’t afford taxis (I hadn’t got Uber at that stage either) so I walked into the city from our suburb home in the rain. Tried a shortcut across a grassy slope between motorway link roads and went sliding on my arse. Mucky jeans.

When I arrived at the bar the bouncer, a huge Pacific Islander with multiple tats of course said, whilst looking at my mud-streaked pants, “what are ya here for bru?” So I opened ny saturated jacket and showed him the Dubs top and scarf, and he said, “have a great night bru”, which I took to be a good omen. That’s when my eyes were met with a sea of Mayo jerseys.

Found the two Dubs down the back. Stood beside a bloke with no colours, Longford lad who came over for the Christchurch Post earthquake rebuild. He was “neutral” :smirk:
One of the Dubs was a young Finglas lady just over and about to start a new job. Off her snot on whatever. He, meanwhile, turned out to be an Aussie she met on the road in, well, Aussie.
Thus I turned to some good Mayo folk for chat and soon they had me taking photos of them but in truth there was little or no banter, all too tense, far too much at stake. Now read on…

As the game reached its defining moment, Longford Leader ran out the door like he was on fire. Deano was only lining it up. GPS-gate was only a gleam in Leroy and McEntee’s eyes. He had long since stopped chatting to me. You draw your own conclusions.
The rest is history and the bar had already stopped serving. Outside the three of us Dubs fans somehow had to share the moment and the nearby Casino had an all-night bar so there we went. Pictures were taken on someone’s phone, not mine, by a bemused Sarf African barman, numbers were exchanged, but I never heard from those two again so somewhere out there I’m in a load of All Ireland celebration photos in NZ that I will never see.
But I will always have the memory of the phone calls I did after with friends and family back home, albeit a very surreal experience. 3-in-a-row was very special to me as our great team of the ‘modern era’ (70s) prior to this missed out on it in humiliating fashion.


For those that live abroad…I’d say watching the game in a pub with opposing fans can be more civilised than watching it in CP.

Which is surprising as drink’s involved.

But even after last year’s semi…we saw Tyrone fans loitering with dub fans looking half cut. Same this year in Omagh.

Maybe you’re more inclined to act an arse when your surrounded by your own.


ah the match is the match
when all is said and done you shake hands after wards and congratulate or commiserate.


Spot on, it’s traditional to leave it at the gate (of the stadium), for 99% of people. And inside we can all pretty much scream our heads off with all the abuse under the sun surrounded by the other team’s fans and generally tolerate it, it’s expected. Segregation would ruin that.


Disappointing album that


I remember (just about) pulling an all nighter in the Munster Inn? in Auckland for an Ulster and Munster final followed by Ireland Croatia in the Euros in 2012. Big Samoan bouncer on the door, I’d guess maybe 140/50kg at least. Had a snooker ball in his pocket which he showed me. Said he could hit someone from 50 yards with it if they ran after causing trouble. I didn’t risk finding out if he was messing or not. Some kip of a place.


Last couple of years I haven’t enjoyed the finals. Nerves shot to bits , voice gone, migraine and then joy at the final whistle, felt like I had played the games. I hope we’re up 10 points at half time so I can relax


Dublin banner gone off Fairview Bridge…?


Oh FFS !


Is the Fairview footbridge a beloved landmark of great cultural significance too?

News to me. :roll_eyes:


Suppose to be back up before final


Best memories of finals are knocking on the door at berminghams pub on Dorset st at 11 ( having only gone to bed about 5 ) on the morning of the 95 final thinking we be the first ones there . It was fuckin jammed. The 95 win remains my favorite win because of the 91-94 era . Loved 2011 , being back in a final , the buzz around the ground, but 95 was special, loved that team . Had one of the best days ever , celebrating it in the Norseman with great dubs fans , people who followed them through the bad days . Great day. 4 in a row , to think we be at this point, amazing.


They did it up, after the flood. Insurance scam gan dabht! That’s a funny story, just told work colleagues here, they got a laugh out of it.


Remember being in school in Joey’s in the early 80s, banner up on the bridge for the finals. Sad sight after we got beat, yet again, by the hoors.


Alas, there will be no more pre or post match drinks at this iconic watering hole.


A few gaa pubs have closed or close to closed on that strip. Berminghams is gone, Big Tree and Gills only open on match days, Quinn’s only open the front bar on non-match days, McGrath’s is smaller than it used to be… Sign of the times I supposed.
Quinn’s in particular used to be jammed all summer long on match days, then jammed a couple of nights a week with students once the matches finished in September.
Wouldn’t be surprised if it closed now. Fine site for a hotel.


Ya need planning permission to keep it up longer than 2 weeks apparently


Enjoyed many super post-match sessions there, great atmosphere and setting. Also the big screen at the back was a great set-up with the balconies above


Ha I’m glad to hear it. It used to take an hour to get from outside , down the stairs and to the bar. It was like walking through wet cement. Don’t think they ever cleaned the floors of the kip. Like coppers 4/5 days after a culchie All Ireland win.


I usually meet a few lads for breakfast and a pint about 10.30 and go from there. All change this year as some lads moved away an other is on holiday and 2 are going to a celtic game and the Sackville is closed. Guess I’ll have to start a new tradition this year.


Good jaysis - they deserve never to get a ticket again choosing that shite.