Brian O'Driscoll/GAA


Thornley sounds like he has walked straight off the pages of a ross o Carroll book


There’s no doubt he’s a very intelligent man. But we’ll have to agree to disagree on this one…


The BODster is just jealous/guilty because he ditched the Torf, and Jack Flash didn’t.


Just look at cuala, now that is rugby country if anywhere in Ireland is, and they’re all Ireland hurling champs. David McWilliams had an interesting article about growing up there and all his friends were into soccer & rugby & had zero interest in GAA - except for Des Cahill who grew up down the street.


The article also spouted load of socio economic nonsense about how the growth of hurling in Dalkey and beyond in Dublin is all down to the influx of well to do middle class culchie civil servants. Because of course us Dubs wouldn’t be able to become good wrishty hurlers on our own :frowning:️:frowning:️


Yea, he always goes off on one at some point


The articles on cuala from the indo is cringeworthy re influence in Dalkey

Cuala like Kilmacud Crokes also pick up most of their A players from Colaiste Eoin and the feeder schools into it where gaa is everything -

Cuala also pick up numbers from the many public schools in deansgrange shankill etc ( their real base ) with the massive catchment area - Crokes the same in their territories - both might pick up some who went to a private school like Blackrock or Michaels but usually just a few - the sports live in harmony at school level

Rugby in both south side and northside is restricted to private schools with most of their elite players giving up the sport if they don’t make the Leinster academy - soccer and gaa still dominate in Dublin and will continue to do


Gobshite. What sport did the Pope’s children play? … Nun I suppose …


That really captures the article in a nutshell.

I’ve been watching schools rugby for the last 6 years now and the hits are ridiculous now. I don’t know any parent who enjoys watching it anymore. You’re happy if they come off in one piece.

Why anyone would play rugby beyond 18 unless they were professional is beyond me


I thought it was an interesting article by David Mc Williams. During the 80s, I was friendly with a group of lads out that way and most of them had never been in Croker - it just wouldn’t have crossed their minds. I think Mc Williams is making the point that that is all changed.
I’m not sure about his point regarding fellows with squeezeboxes and Farah slacks!


Hey hey hey - relax there fella … if we can squeeze into them it’s all good …


Have you met him a few times by any chance??


Yeah he was asking me when your next match was on - he wants to come and watch you


Ah he will probably be too busy hanging around with you attending every sporting event at every age level ever played


He was looking for some fishing trips he could go to - you could probably help him out ?


Surely you could advise him on that? You’ve more than likely been on x number of fishing trips with professionals over the last number of years so should know


He’s been looking for more online fishing trips . You’re on one this morning so in fairness you’re better placed then me


I got it the first time…