Where is all of this coming from?


Davis is up in front of the Parliamentary Brexit Committee


Not doing well by the sounds of it. About time these idiots were shown up as the soundbyte merchants they are. What about Norn Iron, what about scotland ye feck dopey fecker.


Theresa May tells Nicola Sturgeon: "Now is not the time to play politics or create uncertainty... That was on 23rd June 2016."

— HaveIGotNewsForYou (@haveigotnews) March 15, 2017


Fukin hell :joy:


F**k me, that’s epic. These hoors think they have a divine right to be given incentives for LEAVING the EU.


Much as I’d hate to agree with someone like him, maybe he has a point. It’s probably something that Ireland should have raised with Merkel when the EU was involved in bailing Ireland out in 2010/11.


Yup totally agree. Jesus Germany wrecked the gaff and Marshall Aid was only short of bringing them a happy meal. No such thing for us except a water meter, a large banking Debt and watching that pox Hogan ■■■■ of to Euro on the biggest gravy boat there is while pissing himself laughing.


Well said lads, and lasses, well said


Without the spectre of post-War Stalinist expansionism looming on their borders, having just recently been reduced to rubble and near-famine, the Brits’ hand is weakened somewhat in terms of developing this argument and/or cultivating goodwill.

I suppose, a load of Tories shooting themselves in a bunker might be a nice sweetener to get the ball rolling in the goodwill department.


Only Joxer could propose an idea thus with such eloquence …


It’s been a while since there was a good auld seisun of Tory necklacing.



Heh heh, so simple, so good! :slight_smile:


Funny and a perfect analogy


Article 50 triggered. Meanwhile who says the Germans have no sense of humour


Good headline, made me smile

Hard to make sense of anything in the Brexit events, as the EU supposedly pulling in one direction and UK pulling the other way. It will take at least one or more economic events such as closures/losses and job layoffs to concentrate minds and stop playing to the gallery. Forthcoming politiical events will shape opinion as well, everyone loves a winner


You already had that Boris. It was called being in the EU


yea, did you hear yerone may going on about making britian a fairer and more caring country … eh, no one was stopping you from doing that Teresa