In relation to David Davis being in the Territorial SAS being bigged up by some people



I see the new editor of the daily mail was very pro remain non bigot type of person.


I could not disagree more. There is huge poverty in the north of England in comparison with London. Thatcher ruined the north of England and Wales and neither area recovered. There are towns and cities in the north of England where immigration has been more than proportionate. Unfortunately many of the people voted with these issues in mind, believing that a better future was possible. The vote was more of a two fingers to the system than anything else but they blamed the wrong system for their situation. As for the richer area subsidising the poor, that happens in countries all over the world.


Looks like the news is finally breaking in the Murdoch press


Now this could be a game changer … it’s now at a crossroads … leave with no deal whatsoever or … or … or …


apparently mogg stands to make a dortune should they leave the single market. The whole thing stinks to high heaven.


I thought that was more or less what I was saying? The North of England is heavily subsidised by London?

One point I will disagree on is that London (like most large capital cities) attracts a much higher proportion of immigrants than the same countries’ regional/provincial cities.


Was? They’ve changed him/her already?


Ummm okaaaay


(Arron banks pulled out of his News night interview earlier - went on lbc with Farage instead & still managed to admit this)




Brexit getting hugely fascinating in U.K. - this is some front cover …


Rumors royals Royce are about to announce 4,000 job loses in Uk.

They are marching towards the cliff edge driven on by these elites who will not suffer the consequences, but who have whipped up a faux nationalist fervor behind them deliberately playing down the repercussions.

Polling suggests the people are starting to see through Putin’s project to weaken the West but the ideologues of brexit don’t care. They stand to make a lot of money so stuff the rest.


Confirmed, but closer to 5,000 (4,600) job losses. Most losses to hit in and around Derby. Most people there voted to leave.
You reap what you sew.


An May, Corbyn and the 4 brexiteers are marching towards no deal with this fantasy tech solutions. Happy to ignore the very dublious russian connections to the lead financier of the brexit campaign, who according to open democracy is not independently wealthy enough to spend that much cash on this folly … but he met a lot of russians …


In fairness the Rolls Royce job cuts are more to do with restructuring and problems with some of their engines than Brexit.


Ah yer no fun @DUB09 :grinning:


Beeko it’s not that simple. They were lied to. I’d say many if them know that now.