BoJo kicking off again…


i love the way he says we’ll just have to get through the meltdown, as if he’ll have trouble paying his bills.


He really wants to be sacked. May is obviously going by the mantra of keeping your friends close, and your enemies closer.


Yep . She won’t sack him becuase he’s dangerous to her on the outside



Which pretty much sums up the Tory/toff attitude to Ireland. How the loyalists stay loyal to that lot is beyond me. They could not give a monkeys about Northern Ireland.


Boris is just a British version of Trump. A narcissist pretending to be a politician. I’m glad he is there though. Brexit will probably not happen and he is one of the main reasons why it won’t. If they vote again it will be 2 to 1 in favour of remaining.


Clear as mud then


You think? Anytime i see question time the crowd always seem to be well up for brexit “We voted to leave so lets get on with it!!!” goes the cry to roudy applause - usually in a “pint a bittah and a pork pie, ey by gum” kind of accent. not sure what the polls are like but some guy on the radio the other days suggested that have not moved all that much?

i think at this point they need a hard brexit and the damage to be so obvious that ever the most ignorant can see it for what it is.


more fudge going on than a barrel of fudge at mister fudge’s fudge factory.


I think they had no clue what they were voting for. They will next time. Their economy is the key.


But they can now have blue passports! imagine the pride that will restore and they can sustain themselves on pointless flag-waving & paper thin patriotism like that, you can pay rent by pining for the empire of old.


The whole thing stinks of irony. Most northern English regions voted to leave, wanting to “take back control”. They have become sick of subsidising the EU. Yet, the north of England is so heavily subsidised by the greater London area, which voted to remain, by and large. If the people of London took an attitude towards the Union (the rest of the UK), and in particular, subsidising the Union, that the Leave campaigners hold towards the EU then the north of England would be up the swanny.


Is that the one on fudge street, in the fudge quarter in fudgeville?


Also, the penny might be finally dropping that economically they get far more benefit from the single market than their budget contribution. Even if they get a decent free trade agreement, the cost (in damage to trade) will be huge. Car manufacturers are starting to advise their factories to cut out their UK parts of their supply chains etc. Massive damage ahead unless they manage to fudge this enough to stay in a customs union of some kind. Even then there’s the matter of financial passporting, which could seriously damage their key industry.


You know it!


Are you a secret Spurs or West Ham fan?