Except when it comes to the abortion laws


Cheeky bastards probably expect the 10 mile buffer to be exclusively on the southern side of the border.


DUP won’t accept an Irish Sea economic border and the Scots won’t give the North special status without kicking up an Indyref2. Something has to give.


Autumn Election I think is a certainty now. Mind you it’s possible it’ll still leave things as they are now


Another election is not going to resolve anything.


May gambled last June, lost the battle but has yet to lose the war. If she had any kahunas at all, she should seek an election in the Autumn*. Labour are unelectable under Corbyn.

  • *A General Election can only take place in the UK after a Vote of No Confidence is passed or with a two-thirds majority in the House of Commons agreeing to an election.


Labour doing better than expected was an awful result for them IMO. Meant Corbyn could stay on. Keir Starmer is a much more electable choice IMO


Sorry to be the slowest person on the internet, but are you saying that May has to “seek” a 2:1 vote of no confidence, in order to call and run for election?..seems farcical


No… if she wants to seek an election, she needs a 2/3 majority in the House of Commons.
If someone puts forward a Vote of No Confidence, it only needs a majority of any kind. Even then, Mrs Windsor might ask someone else to form a government from the current parliament.


From the Queen Vic???


Agreed. Corbyn is a car crash. Any competent politician would have murdered the tories last time. His gains were seen as a success when In fact they were poor. Ho can you not win an election after a decade of austerity :roll_eyes:


Now Theresa. What’s more important to you? Your countries future or power?




Genuinely think she’ll cut her countries nose off to spite her face here. It’s reaching critical point now for them and the scary thing for them is most people seem to be oblivious to the reality that’s about to hit them head on.


I love the DUP position. We don’t want the absolute best of all worlds because we want to be the same as a country where most people don’t even know us and the rest can’t stand us.


“We want to be just as fucked as yous”




Doubt they can confiscate his pension …


It’d be great though.


Some fucking neck