It’s the education system there, terrible in many ways especially for the lower middle class and working class for a long time. And the more upper class are bred to maintain their roles in keeping things the way they were. Like America. Contrast with Germany where just about everyone learns about the world, the environment and so on.




I think I heard today that there were over 10,000 houses sold for in excess of £1m in London last year.


It’s the same story in New York City. While a very cosmopolitan, liberal and live and let live place, it’s very inward looking. I’ve lived there and New Yorkers don’t really give a damm what happens in the rest of America, let alone he rest of the world. There is so much going on there it’s very easy to forget the rest of the world.

Ireland by our nature is tiny, we have scattered to he four corners of the globe and we are outward looking and generally very knowledgeable about the outside world which is a good thing too.


Fair point. But to not know that Northern Ireland is in the UK, is astonishing to me.


An American once told me she thought Ireland was like a de facto US Territory like Puerto Rico


Ha. Christ. :roll_eyes::joy:


Did you get your rock’n’roll off her, though?


Sure did amegio;)


I met an American once who thought Ulster people were Irish. And no I didn’t get anything off him …



I found when I lived there, and going back since, that most people in Germany were very aware of the outside world, what’s going on everywhere etc. That’s partly down to a great education system, a culture of enquiring minds, and a media that is about as unbiased, uncorrupt, as educational/informative, and as well-observed (by viewers etc) as it is possible to get in a large highly populated country.



I’m not quite sure how true that is. Most Brexit supporters DON’T want Westminster deciding on things like a Hard Brexit, etc. They don’t want Parliamentary votes on whatever deal (or no deal) is reached.

Not that it takes anything away from the fact that the DUP are a shower of hypocritical c*nts.


Do as we say not do as we do


Just give us back the North and be done with it ffs.


That’s an impressive fudge. Scotland will want the same.


So what happens in the buffer zone? Apart from diesel laundering and country & western music?


The DUP will turn it down. They don’t want to be different …


except when it suits.