It’s Hedley.


He’s joining the DUP,
Que Farage, Farage.


They voted for Powell ffs they’d have no qualms voting for Farage


More illegality in the brexit campaign


Jaysus the orange bigots won’t be happy


This Enquiry is unearthing some amount of cheating. Pity it is all probably too late


The same Willie McCrea who was personal pastor no less to Billy Wright

And also called for air strikes on Drogheda and Dundalk


Could have saved us from Deirdre O’Kane and Jim Corr



DUP will still try and lecture others though





Bloc of countries with a combined population of 600m+ > A country with a population of about 65m

Can’t say they weren’t warned about things like this happening



I was working in London for a few days last week, I used to be there regularly but hand been in 2 years. I couldn’t believe how dogmatic intelligent people have gotten. The UK media have rotten their brains with anti EU and Irish rhetoric & they are determined to cut off their own noses.


Was in the UK recently and a girl serving me coffee didnt know northern ireland was part of the UK or that they had sterling.


Sure when the current deal between the Tories and the DUP was struck, most UK papers were carrying explainers about who the DUP were and what they stood for. Despite the fact that they had seats in Westminster for a long time and have been voting on issues affecting the whole of the UK, many had no idea who they were.


Whatever about a political party - to now know the so called regions of your own country is an astonishing level of ignorance - and these people get a vote on the EU. That or they think the ROI is part of the UK.


well they do have that funny money up there as well as sterling


Please tell me the recording of this has been released to listen to? :grinning:


And its not a new phenomenon, I used to visit relations over there as a child and the kids we met in the park etc hadn’t a clue about anything outside their country, and not much clue about quite a few things inside either.


London is vast and it’s easy to see why this ‘we don’t need anybody else’ thinking exists - there is also lots and lots of wealth there … poverty too.