I love how they put Blairite Swamp Creation in inverted commas, like they are quoting from published literature or something. Mad fucks.


The editor of the Evening Standard is George Osborne, Chancellor of the Exchequer under Cameron.


… who now stirs sh1te at every opportunity …


It’s like he thinks he’s still in the cabinet.


slight reworking …


Nicky Morgan, the former education secretary who chairs the Treasury Committee, said today that the exchange was revealing because it showed how the border issue was proving insoluble. “Reality is catching up with the Brexiteers and the PM made it clear their warm words won’t cut it when dealing with the complexities of Irish politics and international trade arrangements,” she told the Standard.

Mr Rees-Mogg hit back: “Brexiteers have always been awake to the reality that the nation voted to leave, something some others seem quite unable to grasp.”

It really is an ideology, their “technology” solution lacks any detail as to how it would actually work other than unicorns and tech pixies and shows a lack of any comprehensions as to what international trade arrangement actually entails. but then what do you expect from a bunch of toffs who haven’t done a days work in their lives and will never have to worry about money.


The reality is there are only about 60 tory brexiteers - how they can hold the UK to ransom is beyond ridiculous. The will of the people is not clear since the leave campaign has been proven to have illegally cheated the election, not to mention the Russian anti-EU misinformation campaigns on Facebook and Twitter. but yea yea, the will of the people blah blah.



Is that the same Scotland that voted to stay in the U.K.?


Ironically they were told they would not be allowed into the EU if they left the UK. now by staying in the UK they’re being dragged out of the EU despite voting to remian by a huge majority.

If ever a meteor strike was needed it was in Ballymena this weekend.


Is young Ian wearing his Da’s clothes?


Minus the White collar


There are rumours of Farage joining the DUP. Enoch Powell reborn. It’s his best shot at becoming an MP.


Surely even the loyalist voters wouldn’t vote for that git?


Of course they would.


sadly you are probably right. just when you think the politics up there can’t get any more ridiculous.


Netanyahu would romp home up there


Ugh. He probably would n all.


I have visions of the DUP recruiting new candidates… Netanyahu, Trump, Farage, BoJo…

It would be like the scene from Blazing Saddles where Hedley Lamarr is recruiting every murderer, bank-robber and rapist to attack the town.


Farage will get eaten whole by the DUP. I think its what you might call a Ahole being swallowed up in a vaccumless black hole.

Que Farage, Farage, whatever will be will be…