If it looks like getting bogged down, she’ll go for a GE and will brand the tories as the brexit party. People seem to think the referendum result was a landslide, it was won by a pretty narrow margin, so branding yourselves as the brexit party is a risky strategy. They might pick up labour seats in the north but stand to lose a fair few to the lib democrats.


A key argument for Brexiters was getting their independence back, I assume for their elected government in Whitehall. Now, Brexiters DON’T want this issue decided by their elected government.


Would MPs vote against a referendum decision?

Opening a can of worms there.


Chances are it won’t just be a yes/no vote but that’s what May will try to do if this ruling stands. If they have to go the legislation route, it means motions can be proposed to tack on amendments like “must retain access to the single market” and stuff like that, meaning that the hard brexit is very unlikely to be voted through - which is juts as well because hard brexit would be absolutely mental.


Jesus fucking christ you wonder how some of these lads do so well in business at times.


oh FFS. Think his backing of brexit was a publicity move TBH to come across as patriotic to his demographic.


The same accusation has been directed towards unionist parties in the north. Come out pro British by advocating leave but expecting a remain outcome. Now they have tied themselves to the mast of supporting economic ruin.

Without getting into the nuts and bolts of it, its incredibly ironic that the closest this island has ever been to reunification post partition has been driven by unionists themselves.


I see the way he phrased it by calling for “a special deal for EU workers which took advantage of its proximity compared with countries such as India and China” whereas what he really means is “a special deal for unscrupulous employers to take advantage of EU workers already employed in the UK”.


… and less of those darkies


“and those wogs”


I sweat to God… you beat me to it… I was just about to post a youtube video of that!!! :slight_smile:


Here goes, anyway…


And well you ought to, heathen …



This is shaping up to be the clusterfuck everyone on the remain side predicted it would be.


Seriously. Look at the goons leading the charge.

David Effin Davis.
Boris Changed my mind as a political opportunity Johnson
Liam dumb ■■■■ Fox
Ian Duncan effing smyth
Teresa Skeletor May

They’re making our lads look more and more competent by the day.

  • slow hand clap *



Think Tayto is right. They’re making our imbeciles looking more competent by the day


Complete shambles, Liquidate everything you hold in Sterling , I have


Rowing back on their increase in NIC, basically PRSI, for the self-employed too. Disaster zone.

Without the City they would be properly screwed.


Can’t wait to watch this shit show on the news tonight