Still one party clearly had s good result the other not so good.



We’ve all watched the Uk go from being the fastest growing economy in the G7 to the slowest growing in Europe and thought, nah, yer grand thanks.

Having Tory Toff twits tell us we should leave is another factor I expect.


BoJo saying that Downing Street’s plans (i.e. Theresa May’s plans) for customs post-Brexit are “crazy”.
Any (other) cabinet minister who would say such a thing (as well as the other things he has said) would be shown the door by a strong Prime Minister. May is so worried over BoJo, however. The day she fires him is the day he launches a leadership bid.


She need to rein that clown in … but she wont.

meanwhile they’re edging towards recession while the rest of the world is booming.

Imagine when they actually leave and have their hard borders in place, by skipping the boom part of the boom/bust cycle the next bust is going to be very hard. Hardest of course on the people who voted brexit through.


House prices falling … a lot to be said for it!


Ah yeah, so long as you’re not stuck in negative equity and generally it’s not a sign of a booming economy.


Ah brexit. In a global boom the brilliant figures keep rolling for the Uk


but still growing as they keep telling themselves


Yea by a fraction of what they were, and they haven’t even left yet.


The irony of the House of Lords (brexiteers always moaning about how undemocratic the EU is - hello House of Lords!) making a hard brexit almost impossible is kinda funny



Always heard the HOLs was often about an alternative view to the British govt. And so it proves to be. Why all the surprise/“OMG they’re so ironic” mantra?


Sure thing Ian



They’re still financing Northern Ireland, no wonder they can’t wait to get rid of it. Poor unionists staying so loyal to a bunch of people who couldn’t care less about them.


Another mini me Trump wannabe. In the absence of facts, lie yer hole off Iano ya wee racist bigot


That’s a bit harsh. Don’t shoot the messanger (@GuyIncognito).


And their response totally the reaction you’d expect from someone that’s done nothing wrong


Has been referred to the police, as the electoral commission is toothless - but to refer to the peelers is interesting


The Chief Executive of Leave.Eu, Liz Bilney, is possibly facing “serious criminal charges” on the issue.
Of course, The UK Government cabinet will just ignore all of this and press on.