Vile bitch


leftists? straight out of GOP handbook that one.


it’s going well over there


Looks like Dublin are going to have to call a halt to the brexiteers cake and eat it plans. someone needs to the tories to make up their effing minds on what they want. Their red lines are not compatible with each other and they can;t decide on a compromise - think it is up to us to force the issue at this point.


Aye and Brussels have said they’ll back us in using the veto next month



Oh dear Boris


Shape British foreign policy or share British foreign policy?
It’s Facebook, after all.


Tories didn’t exactly get wiped in locals … :unamused:

Labour’s best chance in years and they’re in disarray …


UKIP decimated and Labour can’t cash in.


Labour have corbyn. He’s wetter then your average drain. The ukip vote has gone to the tories (which is mission accomplished for them).


Corbyn helped re-establish Labour in fairness from a very low place. Now they need a young talented leader to take them forward.


Disagree. He lost an election that was there for the taking. Sadly he is being credited with coming close so he’s safe for another while.


He didn’t re-establish Labour as such. He moved it back away from the centrist party that Blair had established to a more Leftist party of origin. Possibly laudable in political ideology terms but less appealing to the middle ground electorate. Right? Wrong? No answer to that really …


A center left labour would have won that election imho.


For sure. The reality with Labour is that the more they travel back to their roots the more they reduce their chances of ever forming a Government


All about timing and the specifics of the moment. Labour trying to be centrist at that moment were getting crucified anyway. What they did at that election served a purpose relatively speaking very well. Still left the CP to reap what they sowed which was so right on many levels though terrible for many ordinary people in the short-term and still a major deficit in terms of the bigger picture. Question is whether the likes of British Labour and Macron can build on the basis. So far no sign of good revolution.


Don’t agree. They simply were not ready for govt. Next time no excuses whatever the outcome.


Interesting tweet


Presuming it’s down to the fact Labour didn’t take many if any seats off the Tories and vice versa.