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They’re winding up CA anyways. Only a shell company anyway. All connected.


Already setup the replacement


Scary…but I would.


Can he finish his “resser in the spotlight” stint before extradition and criminal charges?




Directors of CA have set up a similar company (Emerdata, or something like that). within the last couple of months.


yea, the fookers need to be investigated criminally. but the UK gov are doing their best to ignore it rather then face up to the facts that the brexit vote is deeply compromised and several of their ministers are potentially involved.


SO the British gov STILL can’t decide what it actually wants. The red lines are incompatible. Never mind agreeing with the EU 27, these jokers can’t grt the cabinet to agree what they actually want. Incompetence on a scale that is hard to fathom.


House of Lords (I think it was last night) passed a vote ensuring that the House of Commons would vote on any hard-border arrangement with the Republic of Eire-land.


Used to always be the case that the lords were the crazy ones, roles reversed now.


Carole Cadwalladr was interviewed on BBC Breakfast news this morning… not sure if it’s available on the BBC iPlayer… she was on at around 7.20am but I wasn’t able to hear what she was saying.
She writes for The Observer, doesn’t she? Is that typically a Tory-supporting* paper?

*Just checked, I’m wrong - it’s the Sunday version of The Guardian.


Cadwalladr is the journalist all over Cambridge Analytics.


She is the one reposnsible for breaking this whole thing - her and channel 4 news.

Shutting down CA is an attempt to destroy evidence.




Christ farage is obnoxious. Britain/UK could well splinter because of him. wouldn’t that be ironic.


Source: yougov april 25.


9/10 Dub09. You lost a mark for omitting a reference to never having to lock your front door.


flat plank trolley with ball bearing wheels, ah we had some craic trying to build them, steering mechanism consisted of a rope which burnt the hands of ya. But ya had some fun building them, alas simpler but very happy times.