There’s another step…


THe brits are getting a touch annoyed with zuk turning them down


It ought to be but may & the brexiteers (and bbc) are doing their best to pretend this little story didn’t break.


The Brexit referendum result was a Zucker punch.


Facebook couldn’t have handled it much worse?

They’re threatening to arrest him because he won’t come meet a parliament which is not sovereign to him?

What a shower of idiots.


It’s not racist and I’d imagine it’s fact supported. Lower birth rates are generally linked to greater female autonomy. We’ve seen strong evidence of that in Europe and careers and large families are not exactly peas in a pod. Even in Britain, I’d imagine most Muslim women are outside the labour market.


Well, I don’t argue about them being idiots, but he does make a lot of money in their jurisdiction and his platform has been used in illegal activity and has utterly flouted privacy and data protection laws - so not completely crazy to ask him to explain whats going on because his minions keep saying they don’t know the answers when asked tricky questions.


That’s their role, they can’t be seen to just give in completely or drop the pretence easily. Besides, it has always also been about stringing this process out as long as possible.


Is it the chicken or the egg? In Ireland’s past were Catholic women not working because they had loads of kids or having large families as they couldn’t get jobs?


State and religion were against women in Catholic Ireland. Constitution puts their rightful place in the home. The rest looked after itself imo.


Prior to 1973, you couldn’t work in a State job if you were married. Teachers, nurses, civil servants etc all had to resign when they got married. Private companies, banks, etc were not bound by law to the same employment restrictions, but a lot of them had them in place too, as it was the societal norm of the time.


My mother worked in the telephone exchange up until she got married (1960), but she was allowed stay on for a few months by her supervisor as they were short staffed. Rules were bent. She also had to work all Bank Holidays as the culchies were allowed to travel home for the big weekends. The feckers!


Is any of this in our history books?

Are the knock on effects written about extensively in our history books?

Were we all taught about it, alongside the wars and the inventions and the battles and the 1897 Act of Jiggerypokery and What Have You?

Goes to Google who actually wrote our history books…

Ok. Yep. Usual suspects. Never mind…:roll_eyes:


Often hear about that place. Why was there such a trade in swapping phones at that time??


Kids had no ADHD and we could afford to buy our houses with one wage. Where did it all go wrong …


I blame the Premier League, as someone pointed out here years ago.


And smart phones.

People actually talked to each other way back when.

Whenever way back when actually was.


We should invent something like Reversionism … where we all get it back to just like it was. The bread man, the coal man. the milk man and the egg man … coo coo ca choo. Letting the kids drink feckin fizzy pop with no sugar tax as their old fella swilled 6 pints and drove home perfectly to be met at the door by a sweaty Missus (no! not the bread, coal, milk and egg men!) merely cooking a fine meal from limited resources having hung out the washing, made the beds and hoovered the lino. Later on she would be rewarded with two glasses of Guinness and a chat with Mrs Byrne from next door in the local. The kids would forsake tinder and snapchat and re-find the searing joy of a flat plank trolley with ball bearing wheels which would remove your fingernails when it ran over them - but you’d be fcukin happy. And there’s be no internet bullying - if Ginger down the road called you a name he went home with a bloodied nose. Who’d make sure you didn’t step out of line? Granny that’s who. She’d kick the hole off ya one minute (76 year with steel toe caps WTF!) and fill you full of cola cubes the next … she wanted you to have the same teeth as her … none. Let’s bring on reversionism … Leeds might even win a match …


So if we reversion back 40 years, it will only be 27 years since Mayo won an All Ireland :sunglasses:

Sounds like a plan


Grim reading for the Uk … but look! Blue passports!