They’re self-absorbed idiots, like children.


Imagine Leo not getting permission to go across the border …


Get a grip Jeffery ffs.


Bigoted prick


The London edition of The Mirror has a headline today reading “MAYDAY, MAYDAY!”.


The mask slips every now and again doesn’t it.


In relation to?


In fairness there is no real mask there - that’s the way these people think and they don’t even hide most of the time. You won’t see him or his like apologising or anything - they see nothing wrong.


May losing Rudd, Sajid Javid (Rudd’s replacement) apparently saying things were done wrong (implying under May’s and Rudd’s watch)… plus today is 1st May.


i got the 1 of may, may day bit! … yea, her position is looking v wobbly.

the problem is if she falls the rest of them appear to be rabid brexiteers.

what a shame labour are equally incompetent at the moment. anyone but corbyn would have won that last election.


I think Corbyn is playing to the growing Muslim electorate, to be honest. He’s all talk when it comes to standing up to anti-Jewish sentiment within his party but doesn’t seem to walk that same walk.


the muslim population of the UK is a lot lower than you’d think. This whole anti-semitism thing is bizarre and will turn off more people then it will win from muslim voters i’d imagine.



But it’s increasing faster than any other religious group, I’d imagine. They also tend to live in concentrated regions within larger urban areas.


Only 4.4% of the population. A big demographic but not exactly swathes of the population either. It’s a long game he’s playing if he thinks they’re going to swing it for him.


This might sound racist, but I will say it. The days of families raising more then 2 or 3 children, in general, are gone - unless you are Muslim. Most families with a larger number of children, in my observations, are Muslin. I am not saying that it is wrong or right for them to be so.

Local elections on Thursday throughout most of England. Tories could lose control of a lot of councils. Or, Labour might lose any sort of momentum they have had and the pressure will start to increase on Corbyn.


Just a bit of subversion of democracy to go with your 11ses


The data would appear to back you up - but this is just a snapshot in time - when the Muslim population gets older the difference could change, also down a generation or two who knows if the same behaviour will continue.


Do I have to wait 34 minutes to read it?


yes. yes you do. :expressionless:

The British economy has gone from the fastest growing of the g7 economies to the slowest growing, and yet it is still growing, so the brexiteers say everything is great. They’re happily ignoring the fact that the leave campaigns cheated deliberately, strategically and illegally so still harp on about the will of the people. It’s like a cult at this stage.