Boy they really are slow at the Daily Heil


Rudd resigns as Home Secretary over the Windrush scandal.

Took her time


Why is Anna Kunnesberg in Dublin?
Amber Rudd is a remainer. May will probably replace her with a Leave supporter.
How the f@ck is Tessie hanging on?


She’s going to the All Ireland forum gig in Dundalk


You mean Laura :heart_eyes:


Indeed, and I omitted the ‘t’ from her surname also… I think it’s the fourth letter?


Was Amber Rudd Green?


That’s very good!


That’s an old Paul Merton line.


And here’s a new one


Is he a dabbler?


I don’t know for certain, but most stand up comedians have tendencies to alter their consciousness chemically!


That’s more like Paul MerSon


Earlier, DUP leader Arlene Foster said Mr Barnier did not understand unionist culture.

She told the BBC: “He’s hearing a very strong message from the Republic of Ireland’s government, he’s hearing it from Sinn Féin.

“We have tried to get him to understand the unionist position for the people of Northern Ireland, but he hasn’t really responded to that and I’m disappointed about that.’

Those fuckers are mad.


Does anyone understand unionist “culture”? Does anyone care? Certainly not the tories anyways, they couldn’t care less about northern ireland.


I am constantly amazed at their ability to play the victim, all things considered.


The people of the North, from both sides, voted in the majority, to stay in the EU. There is no unionist ‘side’ to this issue.

Stupid cow.


Does she also realise the “mainland” as they like to call it really couldn’t give two fucks about them and would cast them off tomorrow in a flash if they thought they’d get away with it