… and he hasn’t moved on from it. Instead, he lets anti-Jewish sentiment continue to grow, alienating what could be a section of the UK community who might swing an election in Labour’s direction.


Although I felt that the fact that they had Ian McDiarmid (aka Emperor Palpatine) read it was a not so subtle commentary.


Facebook twats


But they’ll drive on anyway c**t

They couldn’t give a bollox about norn iron. And the DUP whose population voted against brexit are happy to prop this billshit up. Unbelievable.


It looks increasingly like there will be no deal on many things. I can see the EU running out of patience and letting the UK off to their own devices.


Would be a disaster for us


Not sure it would … I’d say ample compensations would be built in


From who? No deal = border


So be it but I’d imagine there will be EU compensation measure


Free continental breakfast for everyone.


Have we not had an oeuf?


You look like you’ve had all the OJ for everyone in the tour group.


Eat you quilt?


I get your drift… Sorry, that’s getting too techtonical. My dog nearly choked trying to eat a quilt once but it was the duvet that finally put him down.


This Fox really isn’t really that clever, is he?


zukerberg sent his henchman to face a much tougher questioning from the UK then he got at congress


You can hardly blame him, what with all the anti-Semitism in the Labour party?


That’s all the BBC care about anyways! :expressionless:


They should have the (face)book thrown at them.