That’s just a side-show. Anyone with any sort of real power and wealth wants to have the advantages of good trade etc agreements with the EU and any other helpful things they can get. Yet they cannot ever be seen to say Brexit was their fault. The bottom line is wriggling out of Brexit in the least damaging way. Use of copious smokescreens, fudge, deflection, red herrings, and minimal blame, and/or scapegoats have always been the inevitable outcome


I dunno, I think it will go ahead. Despite the vote being deeply flawed. There a lot of money to be made either way and there’s a lot of rich pompous brexiteers who have no money worries and therefore don’t care about the economic issues it will cause, they’ll get their blue passports back at all costs (which they could have had all along).


Mind you, it is finally getting traction. You can bet if the team in side had pulled this the tabloids would be traitor this and traitor that


Just when you think this couldn’t stink anymore then it already does


More …





I’m sure that’s a purely coincidental choice of words from Sammy…


Jesus :unamused:


Once a bigot, always a bigot


Rich from a guy with his history. Is there a more Neantherdal people on the planet?!


Outside of the GAA Season tic…
ah feck it, the sun is shining, I’ll let it go this once :slight_smile:


‘Systematic and forensic annihilation’ was the EU response to the UK’s recent Brexit proposals. It’s going well for them.


oh dear. then again look at the mob running the show. hardly a surprise their plans are not workable.


‘Giant clown shoes’ springs to mind.


The Brits still making a bollox of things well colour me shocked


Today is the 50th Anniversary of Enoch Powell’s “Rivers of Blood” speech. He must be revelling in his pit of despair in hell.


The BBC replayed it in full last week on Radio 4 :roll_eyes:


The Tories propped up by the DUP … dream ticket really. Boris Johnson would be more suited to having his own show on CBBC than politics.


and then you have corbyn on the other side of the house, not making hay about all this election cheating because he’s a euro skeptic at heart. The last election was seen as a victory for him but really anyone else should have won that election - he’s too leftie to be taken seriously.