So which one is it then Nigel :thinking::thinking::thinking:

Fucking dope




Boris’s brand of bumbling buffoonery wouldn’t go down well with most Germans I’ve met.






Good value for money in fairness.


At least there’s one Tory putting country & democracy before party


More evidence of systematic illegality by the leave campaigns. Two of the British prime ministers advisers are up to their necks in this, so she’s doing nothing.

The bbc are determined to ignore this story.



This story might finally get the attention it deserves? The democratic process has been subverted



I’m still standing by my feeling that Brexit won’t happen


I thought it had to, not so sure now.


I think there will be a second vote of some description before it can possibly happen. I wouldn’t rule out that vote going the way of the Brexiteers while if it doesn’t it could all get very ugly.


The thought of another effing campaign is less appealing than brexit tbh.


Jaysus it would be great!! i reckon the £900 million a minute for the NHS would get shot down fairly quick!


With any luck the daily mail would combust in outrage


The campaign to create a way out of Brexit carries on, and gathers pace so, as predicted. All of this will be carried off like some great, dramatic discoveries and revelations but in truth as far as I can see it’s all incredibly orchestrated. By the main movers and shakers in Britain, Europe, and global finance.

That for me is the real issue, people constantly being manipulated and sadly behaving like sheep.


What is being orchestrated? The investigation into the systemic cheating by the leave campaign? May’s government are doing their best to ignore this, as are the bbc.