Alan B’stard would be proud of Gove’s scheming


he’s particularly odious


Anybody who has watched The West Wing or similar would have picked up on that leaked email.


didnt watch it, deliberately leaked?


Yes. Chances of an email like that being sent mistakenly at just such a time seems very unlikely, unless intended.


Markets seem to have recovered a bit today.

Seems to me, boris was making noises like he wanted to stay close to Europe, whereas yerman gove wants out, and out of the single market altogether. So he has successfully managed to ditch the Blonde fella. Not quite sure why he went with such a whimper in the end? Yerman gove has something on him?


I think he expected to lose the referendum and then be seen as a rebel who fought the good fight - a fight most Tories I imagine have a lot of sympathy for (being generally arrogant, superior self-regarding fucks) but are too pragmatic to go along with. I don’t think he wanted to be the man who took the UK out of the EU. I think Cameron knew that too and that’s why he resigned, to put that responsibility on to Boris.


Another BoJo line goes down well.


Ha… a spanner in the works.


How is that clown in the government, he lied his hole off during the campaign in order to try and wangle his way into number 10. I know all politicians lie but this guy was deliberately misleading people in a sustained deceitful campaign.


Interesting time, if it is a straight up vote then surely it will pass anyways but if they get bogged down in legislation then hard brexit (which would be suicide anyways) will never see the light of day.

Sterling has shot up as a result.


So predictable it’s funny. It took them just a few months to come up with a way out, delay, delay, fudge, change the legislation etc etc, and Teesy doing a great bluffer job all along the way. They ought to know that people have watched all the dramas about politics now and know the games. They will still get away with it anyway though.


I’d say this will be very short term. If anything it adds to the uncertainty and that can only be bad for Stg. Incidentally car imports here for October are up 75% on last year.


That’s some stat!


Majority of MPs wanted to stay in the EU. Should make for interesting viewing. And a serious debate in the Commons!!


[quote=“Dub09, post:134, topic:617”]
Incidentally car imports here for October are up 75% on last year.
[/quote]Yeah, have been looking myself at the potential cars that I’m looking at mid-2017 and the Irish native cars are having to adjust to compete.


It’ll rule out Theresa May calling a general election next spring, as was being mooted (particularly with Labour in free fall). The majority of Tory MP’s wanted (they claim) to remain. The next general election will be another, ad hoc, Brexit referendum along with a referendum in South and West London on Heathrow expansion - both issues on which the Tories could ship heavy losses.


Going to be interesting for sure. I suspect she might call for a quick yes/no vote in the commons and try and get through it asap but if it gets bogged down then this could be delayed for years with all sorts of amendments. Just as well because May and her cronies looked like they wanted to go for a hard brexit which would be nuts.


Theresa May, or may not, that is the question.