Well worth a read, although found it tough going at times


She also wrote a good book about the Holy Cross protests.


feckin autocorrect.


social media types do tend to exaggerate the effect they have, but it can be very effective despite the bluster/hype. There was a behavioral scientist on Newstalk over the weekend and he was saying the latest research points to this fake news barrage as being very effective in changing opinions.

All you have to do is seed the right person with the right headline. I’ve caught myself doing it, you just skim read that “Rio Ferdinand is a lesbian” and off you go when you mention it in the pub some smart arse points out that he’s actually a man.


So Britain has found its ‘excuse’. Next step is how to get to ‘unconstitutional’ and the rest will follow like dominos.


Pretty good excuse. The only problem with your theory is the tories are wrapped up in it, so they’re going to do nothing about it.


They don’t have a written constitution either.


Except let it happen whilst denying everything and “protestething too much”. Most of them want it to happen but not take any responsibility. And it will happen.


Well whatever their equivalent is. Disloyal to the Crown? Unlawful? Unstatutory? In contravention of the sovereignty?
Anyway if ever they needed Sir Thomas More to be locked up in The Tower it’s now. So who’s going to be Richie Rich?


As Tories go, I am taking a liking to Chris Patten…

on Jacob Rees Mogg he says:

“It is all very well having those views and being thought to be rather an eccentric but interesting lad when you are eight. But having the same views when you are 48 raises, I think, one or two eyebrows. And, I think, he has allowed himself a bit to be taken over by his own image and caricature.”


Patten has Irish links with Roscommon (Grandparents or Great Grandparents I think) he’s a Roman Catholic as well.


I wouldn’t hold that against him.

Rees-Mogg is a Tridentine Catholic.


a what?


Catholics who don’t accept the changes from the 2nd Vatican Council. (They still have Latin mass etc.)


It’s why he’s called the MP for the Nineteenth Century


clucking bells. I knew he was old school but that’s mad.


Him and his wife and 37 kids.


Speaking of old school here’s the name of his youngest

Sixtus Dominic Boniface Christopher Rees-Mogg


Poor mite but I’m sure he’ll be surrounded by upper class kids with peculiar names .