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Meanwhile his son is denying there’s anything to the story, Sunday lunch should be fun at the Johnson’s next week.



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All joking aside this is astonishing stuff … the BBC are ignoring this because their beloved tories are up to the bollocks in it.

Wylie says, if you can create a pyschological profile of someone more prone to certain idea, conspiracy theories, for example, you can then create a data profile for them. And you can then target them with advertising.

They might then wonder why the mainstream media is not reporting what they are seeing. For example, they might wonder why the MSM is not reporting Obama moving troops to Texas as a precursor to trying to serve a third term.

Q: Was that a tactic that was used?

Yes, says Wylie.

He says they asked how far they could go with certain types of people.


Q: You have broken a non-disclosure agreement. Are you facing any threats?

Wylie says the most legal pushback he has had has come from Facebook. They sent “some fairly intimidating legal correspondence”.


Wylie says he gradually became more uncomfortable working for Cambridge Analytica. There was not a single moment when he decided to blow the whistle, he says.

He stressed that Carole Cadwalladr, the Observer reporter who has published his revelations, has around 12 or 15 other sources too. He is not the only person speaking out, he says.


Q: Have you made any assessment as to whether this over-spending would have affected the result?

Wylie says he has two points.

First, if someone is caught doping in the Olympics, no one asks if that made the different to them winning the race.

You should not win by cheating, he says.

He says this vote made a fundamental change to the constitution of the country.

Second, Dominic Cummings himself said the internet campaign was what made all the difference, he says.

He says the “conversion rates” for the campaign’s online advertising were “incredibly effective”.

He says it is perfectly credible to say that, without cheating, there would have been a different result.


I thought that usually the opposite was true? Or were they preaching to the converted and claiming a success?


BBC’s main news on their website seems to be with the report dealing with the preparedness and reaction of the emergency services tending to the Manchester Arena bombings last May. I’m assuming they (the UK Govt) has known for quite some time that this would be the date of release for the report. I wonder did someone get an idea that today would be a good day to have a Commons’ Committee interview this Christopher Wylie chap?


Chris Patten, ex Tory Party Chairman and Environment Secretary under Thatcher…

The Global Britain touted by some pro-Brexit ministers (as though we had not been global for centuries) is not only hypocritical, it is also political and economic nonsense. One problem is that the ministers who talk about these fictitious trade deals have never negotiated one. The closest they have come to a trade deal is the checkout at Waitrose.


I wonder is Carole Cadwallader anything to Ann Cadwallader who was a great journalist in the 90s and wrote a great book about RUC collusion.


SHE seems to be one of the few journalists in the Uk still worthy of the name, the test are just opinion piece writers (bullshitters).


Lethal Allies. British Collusion in Ireland.