Ehhhhhh … let me see. … no


Jacob still mourns the loss of the British Empire.


You mean he is aware of it?


Well, yeah. But only in the sense that it’s where his kids nannies tend to come from.


He wasn’t nicknamed “The Honorable Member for the 18th Century” for nothing!


What else would you expect from a man with a name like a debilitating illness.


You could not make this up…


… and there was nothing stopping them having blue passports all along. In a nutshell this sums up brexit.


Thought they were all getting Irish passports now??? :smirk:


Jesus what a scummy thing to do



Jaysus, she’d tear the mickey off ya…and flog the details to Amazoogle.


So the leave Eu campaign all deny having used these fookers …


So potentially vote leave deliberately overspent on the brexit election.

Spending limits are a cornerstone of the democratic process. If one side can spend 10 million and the other sticks to the rules at 7 million then that’s an unfair balance. This could get interesting.

Boris has already come out to attack the reporting, trumpian in his denials as usual. Problem is Boris, just like trump, you lie so much your credibility is shot.


So basically, as predicted since Brexit voted for, they’re starting to find a way out of it. Golly gosh


On the contrary the likes of Boris are happy to charge towards brexit. It just seems they used some extremely dubious tactics. Will anything happen as s result? I doubt it. Wait for farage to deny next. He is up to his balls in this stuff.


The defense seems to now be that ‘there’s no proof it works’ … as if advertising doesn’t work. But this is cleverer than your average advertising. They can tell if you are a leftie or right wing from your Facebook profile, they then tailor fake news ads to try and resonate with you. One of the actual ads was that ‘EU farming policy makes African farmers poorer’ they targeted young liberals with that. Right wing presumably was immigration, control boreders, sovereignty etcetc.

When there’s no editorial control or regulation on what you can say, you can fudge, exaggerate and lie. That is how this works. You throw enough shit and some of it will stick.

Look at trump and his birther myth. It is utterly absurd yet people still believe it, even after trump admitted it was bollocks.

Unfortunately these tactics work and CA used these tactics to help swing two very narrow elections. Now if it can be proven that they strategically & illegally funded ads above and beyond the election Rules then surely something has to be done.

Selling behavioral science for political gain. Personally I think this reeks.


I think the Farage link will be with Cambridge Analytica. Did I read that CA was named or set up in part by Steve Bannon? I think Farage and CA will be tthecommon denominator between the Brexit Referendum and the 2016 US Presidential Election.


Are you only making plans for Nigel?


You’ll be in ecstasy.