I think the shinners mantra of “the brits cant be thrusted” is becoming more and more of a reality with the language being used across the water aroound GFA.


I wouldn’t trust them either. They have great power thrust upon them…


I see what you did their😉




18 months since the vote and they’re still expecting to have a better deal then member states. They simply can’t have a better deal then memebers or everyone will want a piece of that and the Eu is a goner. The Europeans are far too logical to fall for that one.


I no how too spell tanks.


They’re saying anything to keep buying time. There’s nothing left to say until everyone reaches a stage where it can be voted on again. Suits them that people think they’re just stupid, that’s how you get away with murder.



At some point even the brexiteers will realise that the EU are not the enemy, and they actually have a pretty sweet deal.


But the deadline is looming, they cant actually agree amongst the tory party what they want. The whole thing is a shambles, it all came about by Cameron putting the tory party ahead of the country and now May is doing the same instead of leading from the front she is trying to keep everyone happy. Johnson, gove and Mogg will shove her under the bus as soon as they think they’ll get away with it.


If they’re pretending to be dumb al, they’re doing a very good job of it. May suggests a USA - Canada border, eh, which has border and customs checks


This could just as well be at home in the Clump thread…


Deadline will get moved, fudged, messed around etc etc. EU and Britian need each other too much


Playing a game Tayto, they have to play a game to try to delay, and get the best deal they can get, but mainly to delay everything. Guarantee you behind the scenes this is mostly choreographed, by both ‘sides’. It’s still a car crash but that doesn’t mean it’s all as chaotic as it looks.


hopefully this will sharpen the minds on Brexit that Northern Ireland is not a fully peaceful society and that the potential for a return to violence is very much still there


'Hon Donald :+1:





There’s a surprise


How about you ■■■■ off Jacob we’re not a colony anymore