Well he was just asking the questions. Fair questions to ask imho. That’s a good point that you make about voters knowing they are voting for a party who wont take their seats. Kinda interesting Mary Lou didn’t take that more obvious defense of their position.


She has never had anything to say. It’s why she talks so slowly. Not because we’re too stupid to understand but because she has nothing to say of consequence.


They won’t take their seats in the North either. And then there was the little tantrums she used to pull, getting the Dail suspended and then refusing to leave the chamber thus shutting down the work of a parliament. Methinks Mary isn’t much of a fan of democracy.

In my view if you’re not going to take a seat then don’t run for it. Abstentionism is bullshit.


You should put that on a poster.


I wouldn’t like to say, one way or the other.


It certainly doesn’t seem like a very sound policy when the tories are driving towards the cliff edge and accelerating by the looks of it. This is potentially going to see a hard border return and have a hugely negative impact on the whole island of ireland, and SF could have a huge effect on the outcome.

I’m ahead of the curve of the guardian and Pat Kenny it seems … :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Defies belief, doesn’t it.


Can you imagine the British tabloids if SF rode into westminster and voted down hard brexit. I think they would implode.

The problem being SF are so toxic over there, that their actions would more than likely motivate the English right wing and polarise opinion even more, so the ensuing backlash could be even worse if there was another election/referendum.


There would be a delicious irony in it.

And their strategy has been geared, since the mid-80s, towards holding the balance of power in two parliaments simultaneously. It’s just that they had north and south in mind.


I can’t see any scenario where SF would sit in Westminster. I reckon many in republicanism have no intention to avert a hard Brexit either. If Northern Ireland is about to fail it would be a stretch to think SF would want to save it. Personally, i think the DUP are screwed, i doubt they privately wanted Brexit, and the machismo act of being ultra British has backfired with the unexpected advance of English nationalism.

Is the Irish Language act a sole issue of equality or a handy impasse to sit back and watch it all unravel? They know the DUP are fundamentalists after all. I don’t know the answer to that but being out of government in the north would appear to be suiting SF more than the DUP.


“Bloody Paddys, getting a bit too uppity for my liking. They ought to know their place”


you’re doing something right if you’re pissing off the likes of that inbred toss pot.


Big Ben for that night would sound “dung”





They really just don’t have a clue, do they.


You couldn’t make this stuff up.


So the Tory solution to the border is still as vague as to use ‘technology’ … what technology and how? … they really seem more concerned with uniting the tories than doing what a best for the uk


Mrs may doesn’t want passporting for financial services, no, because she’d have to stick to Eu rules then. She wants access to Eu markets for financial services but none of the bad stuff like rules (that everyone else has to stick to).

So she still seems to think she can have a better deal then member states (all the good stuff but none of the bad stuff) … at some point reality will bite.


This EU ‘bullying’ makes me laugh. The Brits were voluntary members of a 28 country community offering among other things, free trade. They chose to leave that arrangement. They will obviously not now get the benefits of membership.

Pointing this fairly straightforward fact out to brain dead Brexiteers is proving more difficult than it should.

That said, I think there is now a real danger around the Northern situation. The UK language around the GFA is very worrying and in some cases, shocking.