John Major saying Brexit should be put to a free vote in Parliament


He’s dead right.


On newsnight the other night they calculated that they need only 14 tory rebels to stop a hard brexit. if Sinn fein did the right thing they’d easily get enough.


You’ll be waiting.


I wont hold me breath.


Simon Coveney sounded exasperated on the 1 o’clock news. May is basically rejecting what was agreed in December as being unacceptable, less than 3 months after agreeing it.

Think you’re stretching it a little to present this as being something SF need to sort out. From their point of view you have two governments that have shown little regard for them or their fellow citizens at loggerheads, with one - their main adversary - committing reputational hari kari in epic fashion. Expecting them to step unto the breach is a little naive.

They could however follow the DUP’s lead and hand Labour a whopping great shopping list of demands.


Nah you’re right, i’d Just relish them pulling the rug from under the tories, especially Johnson, fox and gove. Twats.

Problem for labour would be getting into bed with the shinners would cost them a lot of votes from English nationalists.


They think JC is already in bed with them. This could all get very nasty got the UK if they don’t wake up …


You would think shinners could do a deal with SDLP and not enter candidates for general election allowing SDLP to hold balance of power.


John Major spoke a lot of sense today.


Ouch. @adamboultonSKY: "What do you think of (@BorisJohnson's) 'congestion charge solution' to the Irish border?"

John Major: "I don't think I'll comment on that - on the grounds I still like to consider myself a serious politician."

— Jason Keen (@Jason_Keen) February 28, 2018


I’m starting to warm to John Major.

Which got me thinking: surely they should be bringing back Spitting Image giving the material they have to work with currently.


It’s writing itself at the moment.


Is he still trying to curry favour with Edwina?

Can only imagine what Thatcher would be saying …


Fucking hell :joy::joy::joy:


The sun eyyyy … :roll_eyes:


Big time. I’m watching question time or some such programme at the moment. Farage is an absolute parody of a politician. Every statement he disagrees with is met with either a snide comment or an oafish guffaw for the audience. If spitting image had come up with him 20 years ago no-one would have believed it.


I don’t like Farage, but I probably have more dislike for BoJo and David Davies, if I am honest.


Pat Kenny had Mary Lou on the radio this morning and asked her why don’t they take their seats now to shape brexit. she waffled on about abstentionist policy blah blah blah. His point was why run if you wont take up those seats, let someone else have the seat and at least represent the nationalist community in westminster. Seems a fair point. She harped on about how their MPs have achieved, but when asked what she didn’t have a whole lot to say.


Pat fails to see that people voted for SF knowing full well they don’t take their seats in Westminster.

Does he seriously believe that if SF didn’t run those voters would vote for a party that does? Has he never heard of the SDLP??

Amazing but not surprising ignorance by the Plank.

Whether SF should take their seats in order to influence Brexit can be argued both ways but you can’t castigate them for doing exactly what they said they would do.