Okay Jeffrey - so the only alternative is a hard border. Did your constituents vote for that?

Quelle surprise it seem Boris Johnson is rowing back on the promise of no border in a letter to the British prime minister. So yet more lies from the brexiteers.


The unfortunate reality here is that while what happens in the context of the North is THE pre-eminent issue for the good old Republic, it is way way down the pecking order for Boris and his buddies. The fact that peace has (thankfully) reigned for many years now makes it a non-issue for them, The inherent dangers in this attitude are manifest but may not be seen until something jarring happens, Hope I’m wrong,

But in the same vein as that ‘time heals all wounds’ adage there is now a massive complacency about the Peace Process that is both unnerving and downright dangerous.


Highlights the ignorance that still prevails within The Empire.


Didn’t know Prince Philip was teaching …


If ever there was a time for the shinners to take their seats in westminster - surely now is that time. They could stop brexit in it’s tracks. Bite the feckin bullet lads.


A perfect opportunity for SF to decisively reposition themselves in the eyes of the electorate (as a ‘mature’ political party) but the British Government have put themselves in their worse predicament since the WWII, I can’t see SF doing anything to help them out.


But they’d have to take an oath to Sibeál or Cathal or Liam or whoever sits on the throne.


Just cross the old fingers behind their back. They have a chance to decisively alter the course of brexit and end the DUPs position of power in westminster. They really ought to protect their constituents interests.


They would have every justification. Even the most hardliner must see how this could play and how crucially important it is to those in the six counties. A chance to alter the course of the history of a nation that altered ours for 700 years …


The tories (boris the dick) have shown they’re not telling the irish gov the whole truth about the border. time for decisive action is here. Shinners have a chance to pull the rug from these brexiteer hardliners. Would take some balls from Mary Lou but i’d actually respect her if she made this move.


They would move onto the world centre stage … how it sits with their Euro sceptic past and present is another thing …


Good point but the prospect of a border overshadows their mistrust of the EU i would have thought.


It absolutely should. I think such a move would ensure massive European support ever after … €€€

It would be THE classic political move. Changing the course of history of your oppressor and dismantling the power position of your immediate opponent …


A big two fingers up to the brexiteers. Dan snow has a series on bbc at the moment called “how the celts saved Britain” about Irish monks educating the pagan brits in the dark ages, he could make the sequel to that :grinning:


Yep time for the Shinners to shit or get off the pot. Not a huge fan of them but would tip my hat to them if they did this


Could they not do what Dev did, when that slippery fecker was in a similar position…and say that his hand never actually touched the bible?




All they have to do is a volte-face on their principles, shouldn’t be that hard for them.


So you think violence is inevitable to deal with intransigence?


I think it is a distinct possibility - especially if the GFA is seen to be unravelling.


Principles are all well and good but at some point you need to engage in reality and if the tories drive the UK off a cliff and drag us down with them and the shinners sit on their hands then they’re partly to blame for the ensuing mess.