I see the owners of the (UK) Daily Mirror are poised to buy out the UK Star and the Daily Express. The Star is just a piss take of a publication and doesn’t take itself seriously. The Daily Express, however, is a hardline Brexit-supporting paper. I doubt their editorial favouring will change? It will just continue to conflict with what will become its sister publication (Mirror).


The Daily Express is lunatic fringe stuff, up there with the Daily Mail for frothing at the mouth flag waving, poppy nazi nationalism.

Frankly it is astonishing that these rags are still in business, then again be careful what you wish for as the american versions (Fox & Breitbart) are even more extreme.



What the fùck. Good aul Boris the fùckin gobshite. They are so screwed


He’s as bad as trump.


As bad as each other is right.






Fucking hell


This is some bloody mess. Nationalistic ideology ahead of common sense and trade.


Liam Fox betrays the notion that all foxes are clever.




Liam Fox, the man who said that ring-fenced funding for the NHS should end (and him a doctor) in 2014 and then said that leaving the EU would enable another £350m per week to go towards NHS funding.



Oh for f**k sake. This Is what you’re dealing with. Totally detached from reality.



Their whole line of argument that “we won’t impose border, if the EU wants a border that’s up to them” line is pathetic as well. So they’d be happy with good and people arriving into NI with no checks when we have different tariffs to them … right yea, that’s brilliant stuff lads.


Ulster says no … a chance to have the best of both worlds but opt to be a turkey voting for Christmas instead …