Might be some positives with a hard border.

Super 8s…Dublin team coach gets impounded at B’Gawley following a ‘tip-off’.

Tyrone awarded points for no-show.

Dublin waste diesel money and have to buy some laundered stuff from Rufus’s county men.

Friendship breaks out between red and orange.

Sure Brexit might muck up lots of other things - but certainly a silver lining.


Heh heh, like yer thinkin Dallster. Speaking of dirty diesel, where is Mr Firefly these days? High season for that sort of thing s’pose


Flat out Al !

In summer it’s the hay…in winter it’s farming the diesel.

No rest for the wicked in east Tyrone or S Armagh.

And the left over sludge is making its down to a Dublin site near you…I mean properly disposed off.


Tories at each others throats again.




Labour have targeted Ann Soubry’s seat at the next election, apparently. Given that she’s had death threats for voting against various stages of the Brexit Bill(s) in parliament, she may well be happy to lose her seat.


And now it seems that Tessie has told BoJo that such discussions should be kept private.
This isn’t Johnson’s first time to break rank. Will she sack him? Will she f***?


She cant afford to sack him, not since her disastrous snap election. She’s hanging on by the skin of her teeth. I like Soubry - for a tory she’s alright. I doubt any brexiteer would have voted for her in the first place but she only get through by the skin of her teeth the last time.




SO this is how they exit brexit? Ya see the brits need a Irish style referendum where ya keep going till ya get the right answer.


Is that the same for divorce and abortion in this country from previous referendums ?

Once we vote yes it’s never revisited for a no vote.


I was more referring to EU no referendums and tongue in cheek pop at politicians who flip flop on the issues.




And this is exactly why, I reckon, David Davis wouldn’t answer any questions before that Commons Committee last month, saying the research hadn’t been done. It WAS being done and he knew what way the prediction for each option would pan out.

I think Labour are playing a waiting game. I think Corbyn will instruct all his MP’s to block Brexit (with the help of Tory dissenters) at a very late stage in the House of Commons, saying that passing what they’re voting on would not be in Britain’s best interests. It will then eventually pan out that a second referendum will be held, with a simple vote to either uphold the result of the previous referendum or to overturn the result. That vote could be three or four years away at which stage a whole new swathe of younger (probably more like to be remain) voters will be eligible to vote and a slightly lesser number of older (probably leave) voters will have passed on - easily enough to overturn the previous result.


Exactly. Lying by omission.


Not a hope Corbyn will block it. He’s historically a brexiteer. Reluctantly campaigned for a No vote in the referendum.


But he’s no fool. Most Labour Party supporters want a 2nd referendum. Corbyn would sell his soul to the highest bidder, like most politicians.


By a big margin as well. Not everyone who voted leave voted for hard brexit.


So are people finally admitting that in fact the likes of Davis were not, as we kept hearing ad nauseum, just thick and incompetent, rather they had and have the only strategy they could pursue, which is as old as the hills, deny, lie, fudge, and play dumb.
Is it not simply the fact that politics and power is and always has been a game, not a constant statement of naivety?