Spot on Tommy. Or should that be “rock on…”?


Brexiteers have to be amongst the dumbest fucks out there


:eyes: :eyes:


Strange. They’re so divided at this stage i think they need to vote on the final deal with everything on the table.

The problem with that is that the catchy lies will surface again and people will be mislead again.


In fairness, if they are misled again they deserve everything they get.

Including biological warfare.


Another problem is that because the worldwide economy is booming to such an extend, they have not gone into recession despite brexit. so they brexiteers can say “project fear” didnt come true etc. The issue is they have gone from the fastest growing economy in the G7 to the slowest growing since the vote. The effect of which costs their economy more than the 350 million a week from the infamous bus. And that’s before they even leave.

Representative of the IDA was on the radio the other day and he said that the UK used to be a huge competitor when trying to attract investment from the states and that is no longer the case. US companies want a base in the EU which is having huge knock on effect they wont feel for some time.

They also won’t get the financial passporting without pretty much signing up to a deal the same as being a member state.


C*nt would have said it tongue-in-cheek. He knows clearly the old adage of “be careful what you wish for”.


he claims they’d win by a bigger margin. Maybe the would but i suspect that huge number of people who didn’t vote the last time will be out in force and a lot of people are worried about the whole shambles now.


Or he’s realised he’s become irrelavant. I think the referendum backfired on him in a way.


If they had a second one and it overturned the first - which I think it would - there would be blue murder! They’d probably have to have a third one. Insane stuff …


He would claim that, wouldn’t he? He’s calling their bluff.


Maybe they should keep having them until one side or the other gets a 60% majority and then not have another one for 30 years (yep… NEVER going to happen).

What I will say is that 48.1% minorities can not be just cast aside and not have their views considered, which is precisely what Leave campaigners want.


Yes but if 9 out of 10 cats prefer Whiskas it shouldn’t mean the other poor little f**ker has to eat it all the time.



True colours, wha’?


UKIP still exist?


In fairness, he was doing well for himself.



Seen dining with her and holding hands in a posh London eatery on Wednesday night, apparently.
Maybe the sexual aspect of the relationship wasn’t up for questioning.


So the way it’s always been run then Nige