if no hard border is agreed and the DUP would vote against any divergence from the UK, does this mean that the UK are going to look at staying in the single market and customs union?


DUP leader Arlene Foster has told Sky News there are “substantive changes” to the text after she and Mrs May spoke several times overnight.

This is significant because it was the intervention of the Democratic Unionist Party that stalled the talks earlier this week.

“We’re pleased to see those change because for me it means there’s no red line down the Irish Sea and we have the very clear confirmation that the entirety of the United Kingdom is leaving the European union, leaving the single market, leaving the customs union,” Mrs Foster told Sky News.

“There are still matters there that we would have liked to have seen clarified, we ran out of time essentially, we think that we needed to go back again and talk about those matters but the prime minister has decided to go to Brussels in relation to this text.”



Leo also stating that every citizen born in NI will be entitled to EU citizenship.

Sturgeon repeats her calls for any special circumstances granted to NI must be available to all UK members.

Will be very interested to hear the details of this going forward. All sides claiming victory yet someone had to cave on something.


I saw that as well but don’t see how they can square it. Looking forward to seeing the full text of what the proposal is


Has to be a fudge. Leaving the customs union but replacing it with a new customs unions with all the same laws and legislation. May has caved in on every other red line, so she must have caved in on this as well. The best she can do is fudge leaving at this stage.


… and she’ll be ignored as always.


It’s all about optics for the DUP. There is really nothing different than what was agreed earlier in the week … usual nonsense.

Interesting thing going forward will be the Scottish and Welsh seeking any same deal.


… and the mayor of london.


… and rightly so. He is the elected Mayor of London (not by the city council) and his priority has to be London. London voted overwhelmingly in favour of remaining, despite Farage spouting nonsense wherever he went. And Brexiters telling off the Irish government and other EU parties for giving their views should remember that Farage was allowed to spout his bile in Ireland before the Nice and Lisbon referenda.


London is not a separate entity of any description so I don’t see how they can seek anything different.


They should vote for independence from the UK, so.


Well that is the road you would be going down. Cockneys may well be a separate ethnic group …


Brexit will lead to the break up of the UK. Downing Street doesn’t want Northern Ireland. Scotland will, more an more, want to become separated from London. Other than North Sea oil and gas, London doesn’t want Scotland nor does it want to subsidise it.


OPEC are looking like reducing the daily output of oil & gas, so prices will go up, when they’re high Scotland is a net contributior to the Uk economy.


OPEC are trying to save their own bacon. The world, despite Trump and China, will move towards greener energy.


Certainly it’s not a long term game they’re playing. Which is why you’d wonder about rich arab countries pissing money away on soccer teams and bullshit like that - when they could be investing that money in much needed infrastructure/education for when the oil money runs dry. but then the uber rich will be okay, so who cares wha!


From the BBC website…

Nigel Farage is on the Victoria Derbyshire show and he is not happy.

The former UKIP leader says the UK’s potential divorce bill is “gargantuan” and “way more than we need to pay”, suggesting the UK “looks like mugs”.

The continuing involvement of the European Court of Justice for up to eight years is not what Leave backers voted for in June 2016, he adds.

“The whole thing is humiliating. We have collapsed at every level…Everything that has been agreed today is against what 17.4 million people voted for on 23 June 2016.”

Ha ha ha, Nige…

He is deluded if he thinks that what has been spoken about, argued over, debated and discussed over the last 18 months was what 17.4million people voted for. Nobody on either side had a clue what would transpire in the aftermath of a vote to leave.


Is he forgoing his EU pension which will be part of the divorce bill? Is he f*** …


Everyone knows he’s a bullshitter.

It’s all well and good sitting on the ditch giving out about this, that and the other, knowing full well you won’t have to back it up or get to drive the Uk economy off a cliff.