That’s very generous. These knuckledraggers still think it’s 1690


Offer Arlene a united Ireland but we will all take an oath to the Queen. See what she says


Is that where it sprouted from?


Nail on the head. This sums the DUP and their like up perfectly.


British kids growing up in school are not taught about their murdeing past when they murdered, raped and pillaged over half the world…it’s airbrished out of history.

No wonder then they have no clue about the situation in Northern Ireland.

Also find it infuriating that unionists and political commentators on Sky News refer to us as Southern Ireland when we are the Republic of Ireland.

People laugh all the time about the Americans being clueless about geography…look a lot closer to home


Saw him yea. One of these no deal is better then a bad deal idiots.


They love using “Eire” as well , the pricks .There’s a difference between Free State & a Republic .
Thank ■■■■ for Edward VIII having it off with the yank.


Arlene the fookin wagon trying to lay the blame at our door saying we kept the details from them…:roll_eyes:


She doesn’t seem to understand that this is a negotiation between two entities - the EU and the UK. I’m guessing that it’s the latter that should be keeping her in the loop.


What happend to your username ? :rofl::joy:


Don’t Understand Politics!!

Someone’s fuckin with my 'andle. Five grand gone out of my online banking too. Didn’t even notice til they rang me.


Speaking (currently) to the House of Commons Brexit Select Committee…

David Davis: “No impact assessments have been done on impact of Brexit on UK economy.”

They’re making this up as they go along.





Incompetence doesn’t cover it.






No hard border agreed