Yo can’t figure out the plan, was it to agreethis deal and not tell the dup?


Can’t see any alternative to this agreement on the border. It was always most likely given how the GFA was brokered. Its an internationally recognised treaty that the UK government has no mandate to break.

The real question now is whether May or Corbynn will sign it off.


Sinn Fein would surely gain a lot of political capital with the island of Ireland if they collapsed the UK government, allowing for a probable Labour led (and more importantly DUP-less) government with which to negotiate the border issue?


AGRee that of os the only logical solution. May’s snap election has her fecking hamstrung though.


… and this all begs the question: What is the least embarrassing outcome for the UK in all of this? To abandon Brexit?


What I expected all along. When you cut through the hype and drama and propaganda. Nothing ever set in stone, drag it out as long as possible, dilute, divert, confuse, muddle, avoid, distract, obfusticate, stall, whatever you’re having yerself. It’s always all just manoevering anyway




RTE website down? Has the DUP taken it over?

Back again, now.


Corbyn is a nationalist and very sympathetic to the United Ireland concept. DUP are in a no win situation. They preach wanting to be part of the UK but only when it suits them…same sex marriage and abortion are two prime examples.

The DUP are showing the world what they are. Deep down they are racist, religious nuts stuck in the 1800’s.

Change is coming and they don’t like it. If the peace process who not so fragile on this island it would be funny.


I’ve made very little comment on this thread, as the whole political situation regarding the 6 counties gets me quite emotive, but I will say this. I have listened to a lot of commentary on BBC, Sky news, RTE and UTV in the last number of weeks. Some of the members of the Tories, DUP and UKIP are astonishingly uneducated and frighteningly dangerous. Still thinking they have, own and deserve an empire. World wars were caused by electing morons like these and Trump.

I found myself getting angered by their lack of knowledge of the history surround the GF agreement, the 60/70/80’s and early 90’s. Yet they spoke so authoritatively, sounding so sure… You’d swear these people are looking for a way back to conflict on these islands, to help them save face from this monstrous animal called Brexit. The great empire deserve all they get from this, and then some!


The lack of political nous, and the level of ignorance, demonstrated by the Tories/ Brexiteers is astounding. May and co. are a shambles. Some of the stuff they have presented as the rationale for the position adopted by the Irish government is utterly bizarre. If I were British I would be mortified.

Still, you’d wonder if Leo’s Strategic Communications Unit were too smart and leaked the text too early, allowing room for the DUP horse to freak the lid and bolt.


It was leaked from Brussels


Is that the latest? Seems very coincidental that it hit the wires straight after the Irish team were briefed.

The DUP suggestion that the Irish government insisted they, the DUP, were not shown the text before it was agreed and announced is preposterous. These people are mad.


Connelly was on RTE radio today and was very clear about it. Sure Tusk tweeted about Mondays - they were gagging to get out with it.


F*ck it then, I blame Sinn Fein. I’m sure Leo - and the Sunday Independent types (you know who you are…) - will.


A united front by all on this which is good to see. Watch a lot of Newsnight most of the time and have been keeping an eye on that, ITV and C4 a good bit over last week. Saw Owen Paterson who was SoS 2010-12 on C4 News and he was bafflingly deluded. The DUP are coming across as Neantherdals which is exactly what they are. In contrast a lot of ours have appeared on Brit TV over the last few days and have come across as measured, fair and fully aware of all the circumstances.


MP from a pressure group called Leave Means Leave on CNN there. Actually suggesting that reciprocal travel between the UK and the Republic would have to stop and that Irish people would require visas to live and work in the UK if they get their way. The host couldn’t hide his contempt, fair play to him.

Right wing Conservatives and the DUP are out of their minds


Hmmm They do realise the same would probably apply for Brits living here and that the EU probably wouldn’t look too kindly on it so that when the Brits are going to Spain for their holliers or want to go to Berlin for a weekend they’d have to get a visa. Not a hope any post Brexit Govt would be dumb enough to go down that road


They are mad. Unfortunately they are in power. Interesting times…:open_mouth: