If they do that the union will break up quicker than you can say hard brexit. There will be a united Ireland and independent Scotland within 3 years if they do that.


And a Republic of London!


Judging by some of the tweets I’m seeing, yeah that too :joy::joy:


Because it’s simply a terrible idea.


Laughing my b””””x off at all this.


Looks like the DUP called May’s bluff.


Can’t see how this works tbh … the dup are propping her up, and have said they’ll pull the plug on a deal like this … so may goes ahead and agrees to a deal …


An election with Corbyn the likely victor and the said deal is implemented anyway


Looks like the deal is off the table after may spoke to the DUP?


They have her over a barrel. I’m really surprised she has lasted this long. I really cannot see how this ends well for anyone, though politicians will still get their parliamentary pensions, be that from Dublin, London or Brussels…


I’ve just seen @GuyIncognito’s reference to Farage’s pension stance.


One of the pieces of commentary I saw earlier on this morning said that there was never going to be a deal today. They predicted the unionists throwing a hissy fit and delaying the deal by a couple of days and they reckoned all the players were expecting this to happen.

The big question is if the DUP continue to block a deal, do Sinn Fein have the nerve to take thier Westminster seats and wipe out the DUP’s value to the tories, maybe forcing a new election and the chance for a more sympathetic government (from an Irish point of view).


… and take an oath, swearing allegiance to Mrs Windsor? I don’t think so.


They can cross their fingers behind their backs


What on earth are RTE at inviting that bigot Jamie Bryson down to discuss this. Somebody should be sacked over that


There was a time when you might look across the Atlantic for a little reassurance or a nod in the right way. Now you look across and see a can of petrol with an unreliable fuse …


save us skynet.



so lads. hows that whole union thing working for yis


The DUP don’t seem to mind Northern Ireland having laws on abortion and corporation tax that separate it from the rest of the UK. Hypocrites.


The beauty is that the Tories don’t really give a sh1t about the North. They would be glad to get rid of it. Just shows how desperate May was to stay in power to get involved with them Neanderthals.