What does Mogg want with a nazi propagandist?


Of course…


Sweet Jesus


Wtf are their Foreign Office officials doing?



Clever comment by him, at least he seemed to know what he was talking about! :grin:



Some people are never happy. What’s wrong with them saying Eire? Some make an effort and get ridiculed for it


The Brits have capitulated :tada::tada::tada::tada:


can’t see the DUP standing over this. Another election in the making?


Doubt it. They more than likely won’t hold the balance of power this time around. May is calling their bluff IMO


it would be interesting to see if they called her bluff and collapsed the government, how the people up north would view them come an election considering the 65% who voted against Brexit


There may be an issue for them if they have to adhere to stricter controls/regulations post Brexit while their mainland masters race to the bottom.

As said before, a bigger case of unrequited love I have never seen in my life. I’d say Theresa would add another €99 billion to a NI divorce bill if she thought she could get rid of them.


Cosidering thats about 9 years in subsidies to the north anyway, she’d probably consider it a bargain




DUP rejecting it


There’s a surprise. So the dup admit they want a border?


The entire UK is gone into meltdown. Saddiq Khan now wants London to get the same the deal as the North as does Sturgeon in Scotland. They couldn’t have fucked this up anymore even if they tried. Brilliant stuff


This could still end up horribly, the brits are stubborn enough to walk away with no deal and to hell with the consequences.

The more everyone gets stuck into them the more realistic the prospect of the hard Brexit becomes, that is in no way a good prospect for Ireland, South or North.