Ties in well with donors.





What an obnoxious pr*ck. The sooner he loses his MEP status the better. He hasn’t a hope in hell of being elected an MP. UKIP have achieved their objective (with the help of many from within Labour and the Tories) of Brexit. They have nothing left to stand for - other than blinded, ignorant racism like what Batten peddles.


I see he’s talking about ending free travel zone and what then a trade war !

They need us far more than we need them

In 2016, United Kingdom incurred the highest trade surpluses with the following countries:

United Arab Emirates: US$7.4 billion (country-specific trade surplus in 2016)
Ireland: $5.3 billion
Saudi Arabia: $4.2 billion
Singapore: $3.8 billion
United States: $1.3 billion
Hong Kong: $1.1 billion
Macedonia: $832.3 million
Egypt: $780.3 million
Qatar: $688.9 million
Oman: $539.3 million


Not to mention the help of some seriously dodgy election practices which are now being investigated (as above).

We are in very strange times where facts are secondary and soundbites and ignorance are king.


He’s a typical little englander racist bigot, too blinded by hatred to see the peril his country is in due to the hubris of people of his ilk.



The comment sections on the likes of the guardian are hilarious. Tell paddy he can leave the EU and we’ll allow free travel and trade … i’d love to see the daily hate comment sections.


You mean the Daily Heil?

I see Katie Hopkins has lost her column with the Daily Heil, this coming after her losing her show on LBC Radio.


When you see comments like this you’re reminded what a bunch of spiteful fuckers the DUP are


They have plenty of farmers among their support.



WHat are you hiding Daithi Daithinagí



He’s been busy…



Ha… and little does he know that he may well be right on the first part soon enough, anyway.


A beauty… The way modern Ireland should be!


Did you see this @Rochey , it’s a belter :rofl:.
Though if you asked me to draw the border of Wales or Scotland I probably wouldn’t be too accurate either l