Now we’re getting towards the scale of things


I’m amazed so many Brits understand Russian


In 5 years they could be Brussiaexits!


Hold on a minute here … think about it … what’s the Foreign Minister’s first name? It’s so obvious everybody has missed it. His mothers maiden name is Smirnov too!!!


Hold on a minute, “more than 150,000…sent tens of thousands”? I’m not a mathematical genius but what did the rest of the accounts send if not pro-Brexit messages? And why mention them if not?


Anna Soubry, anti-Brexit Tory MP, has received 13 death threats since the Daily Telegraph listed her as one of 15 anti-Brexit Tory MPs on their front page on Wednesday - labelking them as mutineers.


So much for Democratic process. The media in the Uk are nearly as bad as in the USA



And so the plan for an exit from brexit goes to another level. That will leave just BR. Aaaaaaasaaaall aboooooard!



No UK cities eleligible to apply for European Capital of Culture after leaving in 2019.
Wondering if this is the thin edge of the wedge.
Eurovision next ?


Eurovision? Quick let’s get Eirxit started.


Piss off! Eurovision is the best. Just coz you’re no good at karaoke :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Ah no al… It’s all kinds of everything these days. Where’s the Jonnie Logan’s and the dustins? Heh? All shite. No talent. We need Louis Walsh on the job. He knows a thing or two about been a star. The man who prevented eirxit.


Louis bleedin Walsh, Christ don’t get me started! We can’t afford to win the Euro, and our style of tunes is out of fashion anyway.


Still 20 years ahead of the dross from Eastern Europe





Think of the kebabbies!