Date admemtmemt?


Talking about not having the leave date set in stone under parliamentary law. Seems like it would give them wriggle room for a “No Brexit” I think


Gottcha. Ridiculous idea.

Look at this odious toad


The second paragraph :joy::joy::joy:



david davis is some yoke.

Had to imagine the creme de la creme of britain consists of blundering ignoramus bojo, feckin slimeball gove, Ian duncan smith, mrs may and this effin gonk.


This is some amount of hokey, these guys are trying to provoke things to some end, nobody gets that far being that dumb. What’s the pay-off for all this nonsense?


Unfortunately the worse these goons do, the more serious the consequences for us. I was talking to a couple of business people from Monaghan & Donegal this week and the impact on the agri-foods sector in the border region of a hard/no deal Brexit is potentially catastrophic. This could have a huge impact on the economy of this little country.

Our so called friends in Europe seem hell bent in giving the Brits a kick in the balls to ensure that no one else would dream of departing from their little club, regardless of the impact on ourselves.



Anyone for a caption competition?
I reckon Tessie is asking Leo if he’s paid his Tory Party membership fees.



“Get your coat, Leo… you’ve pulled!”



Leo :… ‘then as quick as a flash, I pulled my trousers up and showed him my special red Mountie socks, it was so funny’
May : ‘How wonderful’
Leo:… and last week I took a photo of a llama, it was hilarious’
May :’ How wonderful’



A response from a Daily Mail (aka Heil) journalist that he since deleted



haha … funded ireland? … do they mean invaded and pillaged?


Always felt he looked like one of those slimeball characters portrayed from stories of The Middle Ages, the Sheriff of Nottingham, or Richard Rich. The thing is though apart from the fear of what this is doing and going to do to the Irish economy, I just don’t trust Europe at all. The whole IMF thing completely undermined my belief in their intentions. So it’s hard not to see the whole charade as powerful people on all sides posturing and manipulating and creating an everlasting smokescreen that merely keeps the peasants in their box.


Somehow I don’t think this editorial was in their Irish edition


And still idiots here buy this shit rag …


Thread. Who is paying for ads attacking MPs who are fighting for a vote on the final brexit deal?