Leo, now there’s a prime minister. Young, vigorous, gay, media savvy, full of shite. Ticks all the boxes.


True but if Patel resigns instead of being sacked it will be easier to give her another cushy job in a couple of years. As a thank you for falling on her sword after being caught doing the Tories dirty work for them.


Mixed race. Funky socks. Really smart Alec. Sound bite central. He puts that tick in that box and i’m not referring to kenny or anyone else.



I Liked this reply


Is this guy for real?


It’s probably a WHO report. Farage aping Trumps Twitter style. Sad!!


Brilliant again!
Waterford Whispers again!


Farage is in cahoots with trump & co and could get dragged into the whole shooting match, which really would make my day.


I hope Farage gets exposed as a sex predator/kiddy fiddler.


Funny you should say that

Here they are together


Not sure how that’s going to help.



Meanwhile, back at The Tory Party grassroots level…


the lizard overlords strike again.


We need a few decent Tories on here. The lack of balance is shocking. Anyone know any Tory Dublin fans? Similarly on the Clump thread. We need a few GOP decentskins. The anti Trump rhetoric and Dem agenda is appallingly bad.

It’s worser that what the Dubs get on the Mayo blog …


Name one, please! :wink:


There must be a few latent Tories here who are decent people. I’m thinking LostCause or even … dare I say it … sob, sob, … Bart.


Maggie is a decent Tory… Because she’s dead


Tory fans… Leo varadker? No?